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Cars of the Month 2012

This page lists the photos featured on the home page from January 2012. (Slideshow)

TE 2308 A January: The nice looking Mk.V Mini Marcos was spotted on a French web site. We have no details. Mini Jem 838 CYH July: Patrick Gicquel’s Mini Jem Mk.1.
February: Brian Howard’s Raubenheimer Mini Marcos in South Africa. MM 7050 August: Emil Puras’s Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM7050 in Slovakia
Taylorspeed Jem March: Phil Huxtable’s immaculate Taylorspeed Mk.1 Jem seen at the Uraidla 'All British Day' 2012 in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. (Stephen Mitchell) Le Mans Classic 2012 September: Mini Marcos 6009 in the Le Mans Classic, 7th July 2012. This car was co-driven by veteran French formula 1 ace Jean-Pierre Jabouille who piloted the 1966 Le Mans car at Monza in that year.
Philipe Nogueira April: Filipe Nogueira at Estoril on his way to a class win in the 2011 Portuguese Classic Car Championship in the Mini Marcos Mk.V. DH8313 October: Simon Robinson's newly resprayed Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8313
DH8187 May: Martin Suchanek’s Mk.IV Mini Marcos, DH8187 seen at what may be a show in the Czech Republic. Kent Speed Mini Marcos Mk.V November: Japanese dealer Kent Speed’s Mini Marcos Mk.V
Mini Marcos Mk.I June: Ludovic Desnoux’s Mk.I Mini Marcos, 6010 in France. This car was previously seen riding piggy-back on a Mini Pick-up. Taylorspeed Jem December: Steve Chivell’s Taylorspeed Mini Jem Mk.1 in Australia.

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