Mini Jem Mk. 1, 838 CYH (GB), Owner: Patrick Gicquel (F)

in 1991   front   rear

interior   engine

This much modified Mini Jem was seen by Colin Wrigglesworth circa 1991 (top left), when it was owned by Andrew Stones. It is now owned and undergoing restoration by Patrick Gicquel in France. Patrick writes:

“Eleven years were needed to bring it back to life. But today (2.6.2012), I am glad to tell you about the great news: it runs. The decoration is not quite finished yet, and a few adjustments are still to be done, but it rides. The first feedback is very good, both in terms of engine power and of behaviour on the road. I can feel it is as happy as I am to be back to the road after so many years in the workshop.”

Paul Beever wrote:

“I was interested to find pictures of my old car on the net recently. I bought it as a shell in August '82 and sold it around late '91 or early (I think) during which time it ran firstly in a fairly standard form (for a Jem) while I was a student. Shortly after graduating, I ripped it apart to fix a couple of detail issues (aerodynamic lift and rear suspension fit for a Mini Van) and it finished looking like the first photo [above]. As a fully finished car, however it was no longer what I needed having married and started a family since starting the project.”

Photos: C. Wrigglesworth (1), P. Gicquel (2-5)

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