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Cars of the Month 2013

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2013. (Slideshow)

MM 6151 January: Mini Marcos Mk.I no. 6151 in Japan. Current owner unknown. Mini Marcos 6106 July: Previously never completed kit, MM6106, has now been finished off and offered for sale by Marcos Heritage Spares.
February: Another Mk.I Mini Marcos but Peter Skitt’s newly restored car had no competition this month. Nice work! MI 23 August: Malgorzata Czaja’s Marcos Ireland Mini Marcos Mk. III, MI 23 which could be the only Mini Marcos resident in Poland. (Mini Marcos Poland)
Mini Jem RS MK 1170 March: Tony and Richard Fysh’s recently restored Mini Jem Mk.2, RS MK 1170. DH8325 September: Martin Loram’s Arden 7-port powered Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH 8325, rests during the CMI sprint meeting at Curborough on 8th June 2013.
MM 7015 April: Jean-Luc Fauconnier’s Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM 7015 in Belgium. Mini Jem B-448 October: Tore Kjell Larseng’s Mk.1 Mini Jem at Rudskogen, Norway in 2006 (Historisk Racing Norge)
MM 7309 May: Joost van Diën’s Mini Marcos Mk.III no. 7309 MM 8071 November: Lucien Campello’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV in the 2002 Coupe des Alpes (L. Campello)
MM 8010 June: James Beeton’s recently acquired Mini Marcos Mk.IV at the Enfield Pageant of Transport, 2013 (Roger Wall) Mk. VI GT December: Possibly the only new Marcos Heritage Mk.VI GT, this one was built by Japanese outfit Mini-Craft.

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