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Time: 2006-12-25 23:25:49 Name: Gernot Vonhoegen(Belgium)
Comments: Had to leave my little treasure RCS 443H in a garage in Scotland years ago so if anyone stumbles across it, its still mine! Hope to be able to pick it up soon!

Time: 2006-11-27 18:53:16 Name: Paul Jackson (Swindon)
URL: The Misfits Mini Club

Comments: Nice to see my Hustler on your site again, changed a little from the last time (2004 Castle Combe).

Time: 2006-06-10 21:15:24 Name: Carl Young (York, PA (USA))
Comments: The Unipower section shows a Unipower with the comment that it's believed to have been the only left-drive one built. I test-drove a left-drive one in my area back around '70 or '71. It was on a used-car lot which always featured a bunch of specialty-type cars (Abarths, Minis, etc.) It was also black, but I doubt it could be the same one shown on the site, not that that's impossible.

You're probably right - I'm going by what the owner told me in Switzerland, but it would be surprising if only one LHD car had been produced. -RP

Time: 2006-05-05 20:24:47 Name: Fraser Guy (Edinburgh)
Comments: I purchased MM Mk.3 in 1982. I have spent the last 5 years restoring it, having written it off twice in the last twenty years. Reg. no. was originally "SCA 2H". I am no mechanic - that's why it's taking so bloody long. It's been painted and rewired. This summer.....hopefully. Looks the business!

I take it the registration number has now changed?

Time: 2006-04-01 14:23:52 Name: Dave O'Sullivan (Cork)
Comments: Can someone please contact me to talk me through correct fitting of the brass window frames. They have ruined an expensive respray of my car. Is there a sympatetic alternitive to these maybe. 00353 83 3339312 I dont mind giving out the number - don't be a stranger.

Dave has a Marcos Ltd. Mk. IV. -RP

Time: 2006-03-22 07:36:31 Name: Fritz Webster (Würzburg, Germany)
Comments: Hello. It's me again, just thought you would like to know I moved. Where I was I tracked down all the neat, fast and technologically interesting cars (Andy Seward can tell you plenty about this), since there are so many of them where I live, I thought I should narrow my findings. Is there any one in Germany who owns a Mini Marcos, Jem or Kingfisher Sprint? Sincerely, A Mini Marcos fan.

Time: 2006-03-19 03:06:34 Name: invalid address supplied (United States)
Comments: Nice site! I read all information on site. Please visit my page.

This is just to remind pests like this that there is no point in trying to spam the Visitors' Book because I print your insincere compliments but not your web URL. If you have a relevant site and wish to exchange links then use the link request form. -RP

Time: 2006-02-05 17:03:24 Name: Graham Austin (Kingswinford)
Comments: Best wishes to Roger, Melanie, Richard and Ian. The web site is very good. Clear and informative with lots to see. Must be up with the best. It took me back a few years to my MM days. I looked for AFK 678A (I think it was) but it has dropped off the radar. That car gave me a lot of fun. I have a Dutton now because I became interested in trials. The MM would not have the ground clearance or visibility. All the very best with the club. Graham

Thanks for your comments. I do know of one subsequent owner but have no photos. -RP

Time: 2006-02-04 20:10:39 Name: Stephen Drabble (Devizes, Witlshire)
Comments: Hello I've just see on this site a picture of a Hustler 6. Yellow Q151 PWS at the National Kit Car Show, Stoneleigh in 2002.

OK, so it was four years ago.. The last time I saw this very car was when I loaded it up onto a transporter when I sold it. I'd dearly love to see this car again, having worked so hard on it. If posable I hope the owner could call me on 01380 721128. I'd love a chat of that hes done to it since he had it. I'd love to know what happend in the years after I sold it too. Maybe he'd like to know what its life was when I had it. All the best, Steve

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