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Revolutionary RISC OS What is RISC OS?

Reduced Instruction Set Computer Operating System is the operating system developed by Acorn for its Archimedes personal computers and their successors, and is noiw open source. RISC OS is owned and developed by RISC OS Developments Limited in conjunction with RISC OS Open Limited.


Revolutionary RISC OS Why do I use a RISC OS computer?

  • The best and most user-friendly GUI bar none.
  • OS in ROM - fast startup, can't be corrupted by viruses.
  • StrongARM RISC processor - low power consumption.
  • Emulators available for MS Windows, MacOS X and Linux.
  • Well though-out architecture.
  • Ergonomic three-button mouse.
  • Fast, efficient software - economical with disc space and RAM.
  • Anti-aliased outline fonts.
  • Immune to all Windows and Microsoft Office viruses and worms.
  • Starts up clean every time (according to desktop boot file).
  • Handles GMT and BST correctly.
  • Helpful software developers and vendors.
  • Excellent applications like TechWriter, Artworks, Photodesk and Ovation Pro.
  • Lots of freeware, shareware and PD software.
  • Low cost of ownership - upgrade every 10 years, not every 18 months.
  • Software compatibility - even 1980s BBC Micro programs can be run.
  • BBC Basic with built-in assembler.
  • Uses file type - no need for filename extensions.
  • Files stay in the right order in the filer window.
  • No rebuilding desktop file.
  • No need to defragment the hard drive regularly.
  • No irritating paper clips.
  • No "Do you want to save the changes you have made?" when you haven't made any.
  • No "Saving your personal settings".
  • No "My this", "My that", "My the other".

So what are the current drawbacks?

  • Lack of a fully functional web browser (under development).
  • No support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Limited support for sound and video.


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