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Time: 2005-11-22 17:54:56 Name: Gordon Guthrie (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
Comments: I am a new Marcos owner having just purchased Ian Allbon's Mk.111 number 7154. Also own a Mk.1 1275 Austin Cooper 'S', and two Mini Mokes and a 1275 Clubman HLE. Very keen to join the club.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member! -RP

Time: 2005-10-02 21:12:52 Name: Fritz (Arizona, USA)
Comments: Hello. Stumbled across this site while I was looking on Google. I don't actually own a Mini Marcos but I've been looking for a model of one. I went through your site, and found a link to a Japanese site with pictures of a 1/24 model made by RPM models. Where would I be able to buy one of these? As it's the biggest model I've yet found, and it looks nicer than the Corgi types. Get back to me on this when you can as I'd really like to buy one.
Sincerely, A Mini Marcos fan.

Time: 2005-09-27 12:49:30 Name: Gary Coker (Waterford, IRL)
Comments: Still have here one of the Irish made MMs, no 6 of 40, not much done lately on her but I will .... to be continued .... watch this space!

Gary - please contact us with a valid email address. -RP

Time: 2005-08-27 09:29:11 Name: Rik van Raai (Holland)
Comments: I'm Rik van Raai and I have a Mini Marcos Mk. II (6108). There are some nice cars here on this web site. Unfortunately there is nothing on my car to show how it was built originally. If any one can help me with rebuilding this car in its original state I'd be very pleased.

Nice to hear of another early car resurfacing! I suggest you join the Mini Marcos Forum. -RP

Time: 2005-08-08 18:40:37 Name: Mike Bond (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Comments: I've just discovered a Mini Marcos lying in a barn, been there for a least four years I'm told but the owner is not around at present. As an ex Mini Cooper enthusist/racer this could be a good project to put my Speedwell ally head on to. Great club site no doubt if I can get the car, I'll be joining up. Nice to have access initiallly without joining. Bit different from some of the other more "snooty" clubs. Thanks

Thanks for your comments Mike - you're more than welcome to browse! Always nice when another car turns up! -RP

Time: 2005-08-02 02:36:58 Name: Ray Rawlinson (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Comments: Enjoyed visiting your web pages. I'm a former Mini Marcos Mk3 builder/owner/driver. Purchased the car in 1969? from Bradford on Avon, had it on the road in about two weeks and drove it until 1976? on daily basis. I lived in Stevenage, Herts when I purchased it and moved to Willenhall, West Midlands and sold it in the Midlands when I completed the rebuild of a Lotus Elan SIII S/E. I often wonder what happened to it. I need to dig out some old photo's and see if I can find the registration or chassis number. It was Lotus Yellow and had an 850cc motor.

Time: 2005=06-18 22:10:15 Name: Bill Withey (Bucks. UK)
Comments: I now own the TransXL Marcos DH8131. Returned it to the UK, sprinted it, great history car, still in great condition, will give it some track use again soon.

Bill, we're delighted that TransXL is back home after it's brief sojourn in the USA! Please keep us informed about your events via the forum. -RP

Time: 2005-05-16 at 00:49:17 Name: Karl Schonwald (Cleveland)
Comments: All you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Great site. I`ve got what claims to be Jem sleeeping in the garage- SUR 536W. Chassis No 73-3656. Anyone put a timeframe on this beastie?

We think it's a High Performance Mouldings car made in 1973 and first registered in 1980. It was formerly owned by Clive Head whose brother Ian was a very quick Mini Marcos racer until some hot hatches shunted him off at Snetterton. -RP.

Time: 2005-05-06 16:44:04 Name: Paul Jackson (Wiltshire)
Comments: Look for Hustler 6s only to find mine on the Jesters club stand at Castle Combe 2004.

Ello ello ello, you weren't impersonating a Police Officer were you? You'll find some more Hustlers in the Mini Alternatives section. This is the place to come! -RP

Time: 2005-04-30 01:34:39 Name: James Dagger (Stoke-on-Trent)
Comments: Just passing by, keep up the good work! I used to own a Mk IV some years ago, TTY 628S. I sold it to Thomas Jensen (IIRC) of Denmark. Probably have some pics somewhere, not sure if they are any use to you.

Choose the best and I'll put it on the site! -RP

Time: 2005-04-25 06:33:39 Name: R. Scott (Canada)
Web site: Galaxy Poster
Comments: Hello from Canada! Impressive number of photos in the "Pics" section - nice work!

Time: 2005-04-13 14:07:31 Name: David O Sullivan (Cork, Ireland)
Comments: Hi, Just bought myself a Marcos 10 years older than me. It's got an 1100 engine and took me three attempts over three years to convince the previous owner to part with it. I would love to talk to anyone about these iconic beauties and will be open to any offers of parts and accesories for sale. I must say I am very proud to own a Marcos and look forward to putting it on the road this summer. If anyone else in Ireland has one please contact me +353 87 25 25 451.

Time: 2005-03-25 19:15:17 Name: Simon Robinson (Gloucester)
Comments: Please can anyone contact me if they have any details on Trans XL. I'm very interested in finding any thing to do with her. Many thanks, Simon

There were in fact two TransXL Mini Marcoses - see Machinery News. The 1977 Mk. IV was the famous one. -RP

Time: 2005-03-22 at 09:28:20 Name: Simon Robinson (Gloucester)
Comments: I just thought I'd better post the news that Mini Marcos is coming back, Yes the Mark 6 is almost ready to go into production! I've probably got this news very late! So ignore this if everyone already knows! I just felt I had to share my excitment with peeps that actually know what im talking about. (My girlfriend doesnt share my excitment or enthusiasum for Mini Marcos).

Yes, we're all very excited. Marcos Heritage have promised me a brochure and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. I believe there'll ba a racing version featuring the flip-front of the John Dickens car which Rory bought complete with the mould. It was amazing when the Mini Marcos was relaunched on its 25th anniversary, and even more incredible now it's approaching its 40th in September! -RP

Time: 2005-03-10 21:04:37 Name: Neal Latham (Frome, Somerset)
Comments: Having once owned a mini Marcos many years ago, I was just surfing the web when I came across your site. To my amazement there was my old Marcos on your members' photo page, reg no JHU 1P in red. When I had her she was yellow. I was gobsmacked to see the car is still around and it brought back lots of memories. It must have been over 20 years ago when I owned it. It's great to see that there is still a club going!

Time: 2005-03-08 19:09:10 Name: Paul Jackson (Wilts)
Comments: Looking for Hustler 6s, nice to see other Mini base kitcars.

Time: 2005-03-06 00:01:25 Name: Henry Draper (Melbourne, Australia)
Comments: I am in the process of buying a Mk 3 from NZ chassis #7511 and need to learn all about Marcos!! I have just discovered a motorsport friend is brother of Harold Dermott (he lives in Melbourne too! Any info appreciated, will be joining club.

Just look around this site for info and joining details. Also see Marcos Links for other sites which have more information on the bigger Marcoses. -RP

Time: 2005-02-17 13:34:04 Name: Brian Moulton (Bristol)
Comments: Having returned from Austalia where I was MD of a very innovative plastics company it was a delight to surf and find your excellent site on the Mini Marcos. I joined Marcos just prior to their move to Greenland Mills and was Technical Director responsible for making the moulds for the then new Marcos 1800 to which has lead to the evolved recent shape.

I then set up Novaplas as a part of Marcos to produce the glass fibre body shells and other commercial mouldings. The Mini Marcos came into my responsibility and I re-designed it taking into account the needs for racing, with Malcolm as the model/pattern maker and of course Malcolm had an input on ideas. I then personally built the Geoff Mabbs car which was the first race car spec and had a fantastic introduction at Castle Combe (see Autosport report).

History should be accurate. Keep up the good work.

It's always a pleasure to find another piece of the jigsaw puzzle! -RP

Time: 2005-02-05 16:16:58 Name: Gert-Jan Westerveld (Nederland)
Comments: Very nice site but I can't find the classifieds. I really would like to buy a Mini Marcos.

Sorry, we did have cars for sale on the web site but the club has vetoed it, so until enough members vote for it at the AGM you'll just have join the club and get the magazine, or keep an eye on ebay. -RP

Time: 2005-02-02 18:55:57 Name: Philip George Brown (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Comments: A wonderfully informative site - I have recently purchased two Marcoses and am looking forward to rebuilding them.

Time: 2005-01-30 01:54:25 Name: Lawrence Welham (Norfolk UK)
Comments: Built a Mk 1 Mini Jem reg WLP101G in 1967/8 from a very early 1959 Mini 342HKT. Fascinating to see a website with pics of these cars after such a gap in time.

Time: 2005-01-23 22:26:36 Name: John (Yorkshire)
Comments: Just searching for information on a car I spotted... turns out to be a Hustler H6. Pictures here. Sorry about the quality.. used my phone :) Shame it's in such bad condition, but the reg plate alone must be worth a grand... :)

Time: 2005-01-13 15:24:05 Name: Pete Drewett (Poole, Dorset)
Comments: Would still like to know where KFC 407F is. First registered Oxford City. Mk 3 body No. 7204. Was 'Aston Martin' Dubonet Red/black trim, 850cc. Modified bonnet to rear hinges. Last known in Bedford area '71/2. Still have invoice signed by Jem Marsh and other paperwork.

Time: 2005-01-11 10:05:16 -0600 Name: Tom Davies (Fort Worth, Texas)
Comments: I am really enjoying the club, the forum, the website and the newsletters. Best Mini club I have seen in 35 years of Mini-ing.

Just couldn't resist including a compliment like that! -RP

Time: 2005-01-10 15:17:35 Name: Robert Bottomley (Halifax, W. Yorks.)
Comments: Excellent site - in an hour or so I have learned more about my car than in the six years that I have owned it, and will be sending an application for membership asap. I currently own a yellow Mini Marcos reg no CDK819V body number DH 8323 with an 850cc engine and have yet to drive another car that is so much fun and gets as much attention. Rob

Just try it with a 1300!!! -RP

Time: 2005-01-08 11:05:45 Name: Jim Playford (Rye, E. Sussex)
Comments: Great website, loved the "alternatives" ,got a 1960 mini myself and know a guy who had a Camber/Maya GT. They were built only a couple of miles away from where I live, must try and find out what happened to it......

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