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Time: 2004-12-06 12:56:20 Name: Gary Hails (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
Comments: Wonderfully informative web site, dedicated to an icon of a car Thanks for the chance to look at so many of your pride and joys.

Time: 2004-11-21 22:29:40 Name: Dennis van der Wagt (Holland)
Comments: Hello I am Dennis and I am looking for a Mini Marcos in good shape!! I have now got a Mini 1000cc and I am looking for something new.

Time: 2004-11-19 19:16:05 Name: Charles Cassar (Malta)
Comments: Can anyone help me find the website or Email for the MAGENTA kitcar?

Have you tried looking on our Kit Links page? If doesn't work please let me know. -RP

Time: 2004-09-08 00:33:08 Name: Roan (Holland)
Comments: I've heard a rumor that there are still NEW mk IV body shell's available is there a company producing them again?

The moulds are owned by Marcos Heritage Spares. I believe they have one new Mk. V shell but see the News page. -RP

Time: 2004-07-03 16:00:50 Name: scrog (Boston, Lincs.)
Comments: Hi chaps, no not mot'd yet - just a ball joint to do, but got some nice wheels for the Kingfisher: 8x13 rear, 6x13 front Revolutions.

Do you know any info on Marcos reg DYG 516 T found at Wainfleet near Skegness? Hoping to talk owner into selling. See you all soon (I hope).

No info on the Marcos, but I'm wondering why you want 8" rears on a front wheel drive car? -RP

Time: 2004-04-30 10:55:22 Name: Chris Young (Corby, Northamptonshire)
Comments: Great site. I currently own 659HOJ body no 6143. Does anyone have any info on the history of this car I would love to hear from you. My telephone number is 01536 394984 or mobile 07905 831801. I am keen to join the club as I am about to start the restoration of this car.

If you can get along to see us at Stoneleigh this weekend (Sun/Mon) you can join up there. I know of one previous owner but I guess you do too. Good luck with the resto! -RP

Time: 2004-04-26 13:53:07 Name: Christian loving-madsen (Denmark)
Comments: hello I will like to join the club.

Please see Membership Information.

Time: 2004-03-09 13:55:34 Name: Rob Harvey-Duffield (Birmingham)
Comments: Gosh..this takes me back! Seeing my name and my old girlfriend's from articles we wrote back in the late 80s bought back a huge pang of nostalgia. We had so much fun with the club and thoroughly loved the two wee beasties: a Mk3 and a Mk4. Good luck to the club and I hope the current members have as much fun as we did (and drink as much!!)

Always nice to hear from old friends. Takes me back to those Glühwein sessions in the Rank Village kitchen at Stoneleigh! I don't think we drink as much these days. -RP

Time: 2004-02-24 18:18:07 Name: James Lawson (Manchester)
Comments: Hello there, smart website, always fancied turning my old mini into a Marcos. Sadly my dad's garage is currently blocked by a half-built Phoenix estate kit car that's been there for some time - if anyone knows anything about these things would appreciate an email as I'd like to either finish it or sell it!

Nice to hear about another Phoenix. There aren't too many about. Contact our Northern group and they may be able to give you some guidance. See Contacts page.

Time: 2004-01-18 19:03:17 Name: Thomas Games (Kidderminster)
Comments: Hello after selling my Mk.5 marcos at Mini in the Park last year I'm considering getting another Marcos as I miss my Mk.5. I'm really just looking for a shell or non runner as I currently have a Mini designer that I can take all the parts of to build in to it. If any one can help drop me an e-mail (link above) and I will reply asap. Thanks.

Time: 2004-01-16 20:21:19 Name: Toni Stolarski (uk)
Comments: Happy new year all. The Marcos is getting closer to the road; engine is in ready to drop in; shell is getting painted later this month; roll cage is been power coated; just the wiring to do - nightmare! Need some half buckets seats for her and ideas on the carpets as have no idea what to do. Cheers. Hope to meet you all soon.

Time: 2004-01-04 14:18:22 Name: Scrog (Boston, Lincs.)
Comments: HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU LOT. Well it's getting closer. I was driving the Kingfisher round the camp the other day. It moves - just some electrics to sort out and a spray job (silver).

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