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Time: 2002-12-30 11:51:21 Name: Helmut Kasimirowicz (Düsseldorf)
Comments: Happy Motoring in the New Year 2003 from Tobias and Helmut (without JEM).

Time: 2002-12-13 22:31:58 Name: Tim Harber (Kilcot , Gloucs.)
Comments: Have just enjoyed my first full look at website and have got keener to start rubbing bodywork down on WGO 113M (ex-Garland Mk4) which my wife took a fancy to in the summer and we subsequently bought. The paintwork is now beyond looking tolerable even in the rain with eyes half closed so I am hoping we can start in the near future. For those of you who do not know me, I run a Mini spares business in Gloucestershire (MiniMail) and will be happy to help out with whatever you may need. At present our Marcos does not have a power unit so it is some way off yet...

Time: 2002-11-16 12:56:00 Name: John Larkin (Bridgnorth)
Comments: Hi, I've visited the site several times now. Really impressed with it. Went to view a Mk. IV Mini Marcos recently. It needed so much sorting out I was sad not to buy it! I am still looking for one, that I can use as an everyday vehicle. Please keep up the good work. I would like to become a member.

Details are on the way, if I've interpretted your address correctly. -RP

Time: 2002-11-14 08:33:01 Name: Olaf Braasch (Lüneburg)
Comments: Very nice homepage! Perfect!

Time: 2002-11-09 08:53:44 Name: Stewart Grant (Shoreham By Sea)
Comments: nice site, waiting for the right car to come up for sale and I'll join the club. Are there any other sites that have Marcoses for sale?

It's best to join the club first then you find out what's for sale. Mini Marcoses do turn up on other sites (see links pages) but there are more in the club magazine. -RP

Time: 22-11-05 22:20:54 Name: Stef Jones (Worcester)
Comments: Thanks for the pics from LM Classic - some new ones we didn't have. Just for the record the two guys behind the car are Dave James, our 'mechanic', and Clive who was looking after the Ferrari 250GTO next car but one.....

A great event but not too many pics of me at night!! If anyone has any others we'd be glad to see them.

Best regards to all who supported us.

Time: 2002-10-25 06:07:03 Name: Philip Capon (Torrance, California, USA)
Comments: A very interesting web site.

Time: 2002-10-18 14:55:53 Name: David Evans (Shropshire)
Comments: Hi Richard and other members, Just to let you know that our Marcos (Q262 YUJ) is now residing in sunny Sussex with its new owners Andy and Sue Roberts who also have a V8 Marcos. It's gone to a good home and we're confident they will look after it. We will still remain members of the club as we fancy a GTM, but our probable choice will be a 60s rally Mini Cooper. See you at one of the shows, possibly Malvern - Dave Evans, former owner of Q262YUJ.

Time: 2002-10-04 21:24:32 Name: C.A.McMillin (Bertram, Texas, USA)
Web site: Mac's Pack

Comments: Just cruising, nice cars.

Time: 2002-10-03 23:23;43 Name: John Statton (Worcester)
Comments: Brilliant site, I watch out for new items in the alternatives list. I remember seeing the Jiffy years ago but seeing it again can't help but think it was futuristic!! Look now at the Suzuki Waggon R or the Vaxhall Agila and I think you'll see my point.
I like the style of the Mini Marcos but it's not quite me! If any of your members happen to have a Nomad to spare I could certainly find it a good home in sunny Worcester.
Top marks for your site and thanks for the interest it provides.

We think BMW's recent creation was a dead copy of Malcolm Newell's Quasar motorcycle. If anyone's got a spare Nomad in the back garden please contact John direct. -RP

Time: 2002-10-01 22:18:07 Name: Spencer Smith (Chester)
Comments: One of these days I'll rejoin the club and buy a Jem!! I remember going to Curborough to the Club Open Day (1993-1994?) and wanting one. Glad to see people are still building no one's dismantled my old Mini to make one have they...SMB 16 V...

Dunno. Jems do come up form time to time, so the sooner you rejoin the club the sooner you'll get one! -RP

Time: 2002-09-08 21:32:32 Name: Scrog (Boston, Lincs.)
Comments: Hi chaps, How's you all? Still plodding on with the Kingfisher. Had probs with the bottom of the windscreen not a good fit to say the least. Any ideas out there? Can any one give me the name of a insurance company that knows what's what?

You will see it some day, promise! Hope to see you all sometime. Whats the next meet?

If you can get a good seal on the windscreen by careful positioning you'll have to extend the fibreglass slightly to close the gap. As for insurance you should try a selection of the specialist agents who advertise in the kit car or classic car mags. -RP

Time: 2002-09-04 21:53:26 Name: Dave Muirhead (E. Scotland)
Comments: I am a member of the Aberdeen Sports Car Club which caters socially and competetively for a wide range of car makes. Personally, I own several Minis including a Mini Jem. If anyone wants to find out more about ASCC please contact me. Without trying to plug my company I restore cars of all types and have extensive grp moulding and fabrication experience - I once worked as a developement engineer for a company that made hovercraft and other mundane mouldings. If anyone wants help or advice about minis or grp or grp minis please feel to email me.

OK Dave, plug granted. If you want your Mini Marcos to float on a cushion of air you know whom to contact! -RP

Time: 2002-08-27 23:13:51 Name: John Joseph Percival (Carlisle)
Comments: I'm a student and the man who designed the Mini Marcos (Roger King) is a sub teacher at the school and he wants to get in touch with the Marcos owner club but he does not have access to a computer.

In fact Roger King developed the Kingfisher Sprint which was based on a Mini Jem. We should be very pleased to hear from him. -RP

Time: 2002-08-25 14:22;14 Name: Nicola Burgess (Wolverhampton)
Comments: Great site, I've just found out what the Mini Moke look-a-like I've just inhereted is. If anyone can tell me more about the Grantura Yak I would be most grateful. Please email. Thanks

Most of what I know about the Yak is on the Yak page, and that's thanks to a couple of tomes by Peter Filby. If you know any more about the Yak please let us know. -RP

Time: 2002-08-21 18:35:39 Name: frederick james batt (surrey)
Comments: Your site is good and very uplifting, as I have a Mini Marcos 1975 sitting in my back yard stripped and with the hatch taken off, with the hope of turning it into either a pick-up or fitting a boot-lid, which means a build-up using fibreglass etc.

Ooo-err! If it's an early Marcos Ltd. Mk IV I'd be inclined to keep it original. However, bear in mind that it you remove much of the roof you will weaken the monocoque so you have to put that strength back some other place, and that usually means more weight, not less. Anyway good luck! - RP

Time: 2002-08-08 11:50:15 Name: Antony Watts (Westbury)
Comments: Great site! My name is Antony Watts and I have just taken on the role of sales and marketing manager (sounds posh but it isn't, I can assure you!) at the Marcos Engineering Ltd factory in Westbury Wiltshire! I noticed on your links page that you still link thru to the old Marcos website which is now defunct. The new official Marcos site is, where you can find some history on the company, pics and info on the exciting new Marcos Marcasite TS250 model we have recently launched, details of the used models we currently have for sale and a wide range of other interesting Marcos related info.

Link now added. We'll watch what happens with interest. -RP

Time: 2002-07-08 18:26:46 Name: Gary Coker (Waterford Ireland)

Time: 2002-05-18 18:21:19 Name: Geir Hansen (Moss, Norway)
Comments: Looking forward to see You at the IMM! If DFDS-Seaways can get us over to the UK... Our boat had an engine fire last night... We'll have to go in my wife's "tin-top" Mini, as there isn't enough space for the four of us in the mk3 Marcos (7153) formerly known as OPY.

Yes we saw the fire on tv. I hope all our friends from Scandinavia are able to come over for the IMM. -RP

Time: 2002-05-15 20:30:58 Name: "Scrog" (Boston, Lincs.)
Comments: Hi chaps. Had a good day at kit show. Don't think I will have my Kingfisher at Newark but will try to get to some shows this year. Is it possible to order a sweatshirt online? Bye for now - see you all again (I hope) soon.

Glad you enjoyed Stoneleigh. You can order a sweatshirt by e-mail but you still have to send the dosh by snail-mail as we haven't got credit card facilities yet. Hope to see you at Mini In The Park or Castle Combe.

Time: 2002-04-27 01:56:20 Name: Michael Watkins (Sutton Coldfield)
Comments: Can I please tell you all about a little community I have set up at MSN?

Mmmmm. MSN? (big intake of breath) I'll have to think about it.

It's called Active Classics, and it's a site for those of us who like to get out and about in our classic cars, and for those who like to snap away with the old camera.

Right, I've thought. No you can't, but if you ask nicely I'll give you a link. -RP

Time: 2002-04-13 16:09:10 Name: Tony Stanton (Bromsgrove, Worcs.)
Comments: Just surfing Rochdales on the net and came across your photo of my Olympic at Malvern 2001

Your ownership is now credited on the show page. -RP

Time: 2002-04-12 10:14:29 Name: Andy Kauffman (Hawaii)
Comments: Fantastic site for such a cool little car! I only recenly (finally) got myself a Mini... but I really want a Marcos too! Aloha, Andy

Time: 2002-04-08 21:35:39 Name: Jon ("Scrog") (Boston, Lincs)
Comments: Hi. Have just bought a Kingfisher Sprint - needs a rebuild but hey dont we all. I would like to hear from any one who has any info on them or any Mini mad people.

Please join the club and contact the Kingfisher Adviser (see contacts page). -RP

Time: 2002-04-05 02:03:51 Name: John Alfred Douglas (Barnsley)
Comments: Had a Mini Jem back in 1974 approx., reg. BAR 360K. Had to sell it as I had no room to store it and sold it as a shell to a man from Hull. It was white with a blue stipe all the way over the car. Is it still going?

I haven't got any record of that registration. -RP

Time: 2002-03-15 07:15:33 Name: Edward Hurford (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
Comments: I have just recently bought a shell of a Mk.III Mini Marcos which a friend of mine bought off the South African Maker Brian Raubenhimer about 2 years back. This was one of the last ones he made and he planed to build it up himself but never got around to it. I am fortunate to find it in "Like New" state. In a few months it should be one of the youngest Mk.IIIs around. And certainly one of only a few in SA.

You're a lucky guy! I think the South African Mini Marcoses were mainly used for racing and not many survive. -RP

Time: 2002-01-26 19:23:39 Name: James Stephens (Wirral)
Web site: MINIS.I8.COM
Comments: Excellent website. Keep up the good work.

Time: 2002-01-19 22:57:16 Name: Keith Preston (Plymouth)
Web site: Minis & Mini Kit Cars
Comments: Hi, I am a new member to the club and am just restoring a Mini Marcos Mk.4. I also run a Mini club in Plymouth, Maverick Minis South West. We also cater for mini based kit cars etc. We would like to invite any Mini Marcos owners in the south west to our club meetings, which are held on a fortnightly basis from 7:30pm on Fridays at the Mayflower Inn, Ernesettle, Plymouth. Telephone number 01752 319871 we also have a website which is currently under construction, By the way your website is excellent, keep up the good work.

Glad you think my photos are worth nicking, but a credit would be appreciated. -RP

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