Mini Marcos International Racing Records - 1966-67

Compiled by Per Haegermark, Historic Marcos Register

With Mini Jem and other additions by Richard Porter

03/04/66Le Mans Test Jean-Louis Marnat1293P1.324th
28/05/66Monza 1,000km Jean-Louis Marnat, Jean-Pierre Jabouille1287P1.3Not Cl.
05/06/66Nüburgring 1,000km Roy Johnson, R.W. Waters12934th P1.3Not Cl.
19/06/66Le Mans 24 Hours Jean-Louis Marnat, Claude Ballot-Lèna12875th P1.315th
17/07/66Gran Premo del Mugello Guy Edwards, Roy Johnson998P1.0Not Cl.
Tim Lalonde, Billy Dulles1293P2.0Retired
04/09/66Nüburgring 500km Jeremy Delmar-Morgan (Mini Jem)998P1.018th
Billy Dulles1293P1.3Retired
Ron Parkes (Mini Jem)998P1.0Retired
Mike Walton (Mini Jem)998P1.0Retired
Guy Edwards, Roy Johnson998P1.0DNS
16/10/66Paris 1,000km
Adam Potocki, Claude Swietlik12938th 1.323rd
Jean-Louis Marnat, Jean-Pierre Jabouille12879th 1.326th
09/04/67Le Mans Test Tim Lalonde?P1.1531st
14/05/67Targa Florio Jan-Erik Andreasson, Johnny Lundberger1293P2.0Retired
28/05/67Nüburgring 1,000km Mike Garton, Patrick McNally12931st P1.318th
Guy Edwards, Peter Anslow12932nd P1.323rd
Jacquie Bond-Smith, Joey Cook1293P1.3Retired
11/06/67Le Mans 24 Hours Jem Marsh, Chris Lawrence1293P1.3Retired
23/07/67Gran Premo del Mugello Jacquie Bond-Smith, Joey Cook12936th P2.037th
Mike Garton, Tim Lalonde12937th P2.039th
Guy Edwards, Peter Anslow998P1.0Retired
06/08/67Coppa Citta di EnnaJem Marsh12932nd P2.09th
20/08/67Zeltweg 500km Gottlieb Stottan1275S1.3Retired
27/08/67Phoenix ParkJem Marsh, Tim Lalonde1293Gp.6?
03/09/67Nüburgring 500km Jacquie Bond-Smith12934th P1.321st
Joey Cook1293P1.3Retired
15/10/67Paris 1,000km
Claude Swietlik, Johnny Rives1275Gp.419th
05/11/67Kyalami 9 hours Jem Marsh, Brian Raubenheimer1275Gp.415th
26/12/67Pietermaritzburg 3 hours Peter Kat, Dirk Marnis1275Gp.411th

P = prototype; Not Cl. = Not classified (insufficient distance covered); DNS = Did not start.

This list was originally compiled on 09/10/1993. Some data are not corroborated.
If you can supply any missing or corrected data please contact the webmaster.

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