53 Edwards/Anslow   53 Karrussel   53 Edwards/Anslow

55 Cook/Bond-Smith   55 Joey Cook   55 Jacqui Bond-Smith

56 Pits   56 Garton/McNally   56 Garton/McNally

56 Garton/McNally

Nürburgring 1,000km - 28th May 1967

Car 53: Mini Marcos driven by Guy Edwards and Peter Anslow finished 23rd and second in class, two laps behind the Garton/McNally car. (Horst Krieger, Klaus Tweddell, Werner Ullrich)

Car 55: The streamlined Mini Marcos driven by F.L.I.R.T. girls Joey Cook (centre) and Jackie Bond-Smith (right) who retired with an engine failure after 24 laps. (Werner Ullrich, Andrew Griffiths)

Car 56: The streamlined Mini Marcos of Mike Garton (GB) and Patrick McNally (AUS) which finished 18th overall, first in class and only 8 laps behind the winning Porsche 910. Centre: No. 56 leads the Julien Vernaeve/Clive Baker MGB and Chris Barber’s Lotus 47 which was driven by Keith Greene and John Hine. (R: Werner Ullrich, M. Bratz)

World Sportscar Championship 1967 results

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