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Dizzy Addicott

Dizzy Addicott

We were saddened to learn that the father of our cars, Desmond "Dizzy" Addicott died unexpectedly in a road traffic accident on the evening of Saturday 10th December. He was 83.

Dizzy Addicott was a test pilot for Vickers and was an intrepid aviator as well as a racing driver. His D.A.R.T. special spawned what later became the Mini Jem. His design was modified to become the Mini Marcos and later developed into the Kingfisher Sprint.

Read our tribute here.


Marcos Euregio Meeting 2005

The 2005 Marcos Euregio Meeting has been arranged at very short notice to coincide with the Classic 2005 meeting at the famous Nürburgring track the the Eifel mountains in northern Germany. There will be lots of opportuinities to drive around the Nordschleife as well as the GP circuit. The meeting runs from Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October.


Marcos Heritage Mk. VI

The Mini Marcos is relaunched - in all but name! Now known as the "Marcos Heritage Mk. VI", presumably for legal reasons, the kit is available in two forms: either as a road car which is basically the same as the Mini Marcos Mk. V, or a racing "GT" which includes the detachable racing front end as used on John Dickens's Mk. III car (Marcos Heritage bought John's old car complete with mould).

The kits are priced in three stages starting at £2,800 for the standard car and £3,250 for the GT. Pigmented gelcoat is available in six colours for an additional £300. The stage II contains essential items such as door hinges, window frames and drop lights, and will set you back another £800. The GT kit includes one-piece perspex windows. The stage III kit (£650) adds carpets, sound deadening and interior trim panels.

The kits are available from Marcos Heritage Spares Ltd., Littleton Garage, Semington, Trowbridge, Wilts. BA14 6LF. Tel. 01380 871717, fax. 01380 870923, e-mail

RP 20050323

Gran Turismo 4

Mini Marcos in Video Game

A 1970 Mini Marcos Mk. III is one of the cars featured in the just-released PlayStation 2 game, Gran Turismo 4.

RP 20050323

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