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Spring. 2022

Covers: Brian Badock’s “Midas of the Show” at Stoneleigh 2018; Midas concept drawings.
The Aluminium to Zinc of metals - Part 4 by Alistair Courtney.
Mini Jem - Major Project by Jim White, RS M2 1134.
Forthcoming Shows and Events; Midas OC Membership Notices; Ludlow Spring Festioval.
A Chance Encounter .... Roger Garland remembers Basil Wales.
Back on Track by Robin Maitland, Mini Marcos 7232.
Mini Marcos Moments...
 - Paul Lewis (9004),
 - Joel Perineau 7094)(F),
 - Andrew Griffiths (6079) (AUS),
 - Nicolas Pinon (7496) (F),
 - Peter Nelson/Dayle Mitchell (Mini Jem RS M2 1090),
 - Brian Gent (8059)
That Golden Touch - August 1995 Newsletter for MIDAS Owners.
Items for sale, spares, regalia, etc.
Classic and Restoration Show at the NEC by John Orson.
“What’s it worth mister?” by John Orson.
Fuel Saving Ideas
John Hyman from Dundee here (1982 Midas Mk 2).
Our Midas now 40 years old by Ralph and Leslie Woodrow (Midas Silver 1981)
Mini Jem 819 VHN.
Sprite Club Run - Fleurieu Peninsular, South Australia - 30th March 2022 by Paul Mitchell, Mini Jem SRH 615.
The Founder of Westfield Sports Cars Passes.
Mini Marcos Race Car - For Sale in Denmark.

Summer 2022

Covers: Michael Kimball’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV; Rear engined Mk. 3 Midas Coupé.
The Aluminium to Zinc of Metals - Part 5 Cadmium to Cymball Alloys by Alistair Courtney.
It’s the French Way of Doing Things by Roger Garland.
The Comeback Kid (part 12) by Jeroen Booij (Le Mans ’66 Mini Marcos).
Mini Briefs including Mike Kimball’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV; James Smith’s Mini Marcos Mk.3; the late David Hardy’s Mini Marcos; Rob Watts’s MiniJem shell; Richard Claydon’s Mini Marcos Mk. III; Jens Rasmussen’s Mini Marcos Mk. III shell in Denmark.
End of an Era... by Chris Nicholls (Midas Mk. 3 Gold).
Mini Marcos Rebuild Part 2 by Colin Jenkins (Mini Marcos Mk. IV.
Stoneleigh 2022; Situation Vacant - Midas Owners need Publicist-Press Secretary/Co-ordinator.
Can You Help? - How to conform to historic racing regs with the ex-John Dickens Mini Marcos Mk. III (later Mk, VI GT) LEF 76H.
Mini Marcos Owners Club Treasurer’s Report 2021/2022 by Roger Garland.
Jem Racong in the “Swinging Sixties” by Pete Crudgington.
Tatton Park Show, June 4th and 5th.
A Sad Day in Cumbria; Mini Marcos Le Mans Models by Roger Garland; Jem Update - Jim White.

Autumn 2022

Covers: Richard Street’s Midas Mk. 3 at Gaydon Mini & Metro Show; Matthieu Deschamps’s Mini Marcos Mk. II.
1983 Elswich Envoy by Roger Garland.
Bryant Park - multi club hillclimb - GCC (Gippsland Car Club) by Phil and Sam Smethurst.
(Not so) Nice and Crisp - Joost van Diën gets to grips with a Webasto sun roof.
Midas Update - Slow Progress by Roger Garland.
Mini Marcos Specialist Components Fuel Injection by Graham Bishard.
Registration Guide (UK) by Craig Smith.
A Mini Jem With History by Roger Garland.
A Day at Donington Park: Barry Martins Marcos Donington Bequest.
Mini Marcos bits and pieces - Alloy radiator, polo shirts, side stripes.
Le Mans Classic 2023 - Don't Miss It! by Roger Garland.
The Comeback Kid (part 13) by Jeroen Booij.
Fun in the Wet - Adfelaide Hills & Barossa Valley - South Australia - 14th September by Phil Mitchell.
A Character Called Michael: Roger Garland pays tribute to Mike Perkins.
Suspension Settling by Joost van Diën.

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