Taylorspeed Jem (Mk. 1), , SRH 615 (AUS), Owner: Paul Mitchell

right front
1. (51k)
right side
2. (51k)
right rear
3. (44k)
left rear
4. (60k)

The Taylorspeed cars were made under licence in Adelaide based on a Mk. 1 body shell imported from the UK. They had no body numbers other than those of donor cars. Paul Mitchell's 1967 car is powered by a 1310cc Cooper 'S' engine. The radical restyling of the bodywork was undertaken by the owner and is the subject of a series of articles in the MMOC Magazine (issues 84-89), plus a special feature in Minijem Plus.

The link on each picture displays a larger image in a new window. (Photos 1: Denys Finney, 2-4: Paul Mitchell)

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