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Spring 2017

Covers: Alexis Kind’s Le Mans 1967 Replica, IMM drive-out 2014 in Kent.
MMOC Annual Meeting notice; Midas OC AGM notice.
Spanish Mystery Marcos - no. 7087 in Spain by Adrian Lopex Cendan.
How to Jack Up Your Midas by Colin Oberland-Harris.
The Comeback Kid (Part 1) - 1966 Le Mans Mini marcos turns up in Portugal by Jeroen Booij.
Thousands of Miles Without Turning a Wheel by Phil Smethurst in Melbourne (DH8241).
MoT Testing in the UK.
An Update from County Durham by Peter Gilliland (Midas in Lanchester).
Mini Marcos Bonnet Badges.
Marcos ‘Classic British Welcome’ Tour 2017.
A Merry Mixture of Midas Matters.
Fancy Visiting an F1 Team HQ? - Sahara Force India at £200 + VAT per head!
Mini Marcos Mk.I (6000 Series) - “Under Restoration” - Raff Arndt in Germany.
Geelong Revival, Eastern Beach Sprints Sat 28th & Sun 29th Nov. (Australia) by Steve Schmidt ((7056)
The Book Club - Maximumn Mini 2, Anatomy of the Classic Mini.
TTACT Tags (advertorial).

Summer 2017

Covers: Midas stand at Stoneleigh; Carlo Fadda’s Mini Marcos on the Targa Florio course.
MMOC AGM Report.
Taylorspeed Jem advert.
Midas Number 1 - the first hand built Midas by Neil Franklin.
South African Connection - Fifty Years On.
A Sparkling Jem by Alwyn Brice.
Hydragas Displacer Unit Re-Gas: Hard Ride? by Andrew Beeson (Midas).
The Comeback Kid (Part 2) - 1966 Le Mans Mini Marcos by Jeroen Booij.
What’s That Noise? by Justin King (Midas).
Marcos Diaries 101 by Joost van Diën.
Things That Go Bump... by Geoff Butcher.
Stoneleigh 2017 and Midas Owners Club AGM by Alistair Courtney.

Autumn 2017

Covers: Marcos cars at the Classic British Welcome, Le Mans; Midas factory open day.
The UK’s Oldest, Best & Only Track Based Mini Show (if you ignore all the others) - Castle Combe Mini Action Day.
Celebrating the contribution made to the Midas Owners Club by Michael Horsley.
Mini Marcos Poster plus Probe Poser.
From The Front Drive Workshop, July 2017 by Colin Oberin-Harris (Midas OC).
Book Review: Maximum Mini Classic Reprint by Richard Porter.
Prescott Classic Hillclimb - 2017 by Neil Franklin.
Rising from the Deep, in which Alwyn Bryce sinks to new depths - Deep Sanderson 301.
Ruby Rocks at the Rootes Run (Ruby is a Midas Gold Coupé) by John Orson.
Mini Jem “Collectors Cards” by Roger Garland.
Marcos Diaries 102 by Joost Van Diën - Mini Marcos Mk. 1 6140 project.
Mini Briefs and Bloomers including Lyn Marsh’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV now sold, and Mini Marcos Mk. I no. 6020.
Mini Jem For Sale - RS-M2-1091 (now sold).
Le Mans 1966 Mini Marcos Pewter Mode - 1:43 scale model on plinth available from the club.
Midas Owners - Location Map.
The Book Club - Maximum Mini 2, Anatomy of a Classic Mini.
The Comeback Kid (part 3) by Jeroen Booij - 1966 Le Mans Mini Marcos 6102 under restoration.
Two More Cars for Sale - Mini Jem RS-M2-1090 (now sold) and Mini Marcos DH8302.
A Few Special Days Near Le Mans by Roger and Mel Garland.
Open House Midas “Alternative Cars” Factory Open Day; Classic Car Show - NEC preview.
Mini Marcos Mk. IV (8011) from Michi Shinohara in Japan.

Winter 2017

Covers: Midas and Jem at Castle Combe; Midas and Mini Marcos at Falaise, Calvados.
The Night Before Christmas by Roger Garland.
Mini Marcos in the UK - stats from the DVLA.
Haynes Rare Breeds 2017 Report by Michael Horsley;
Marcos Diaries 103 by Joost Van Diën (Mini Marcos Mk.I, 6140).
Hydragas Regassing by Alistair Courtney.
Le Mans Classic - It’s time to start making plans by Roger Garland.
UK MoT Tests to Change by Craig Smith.
The (Christmas) Book Club.
Wet braking test, RAC Breakdown Cover with Footman James (advertisement).
Windscreen for Denmark from Andreas Christiansen.
That Midas Touch by Phil Shepherdson.
The Comeback Kid (part 4) by Jeroen Booij.
Midas Owners Club AGM Awards.
Mini Action Day, Castle Combe.
Very Rare Photo - Jem Marsh and Frank Costin with the Marcos Xylon.
Mini Marcos Mk. IV in Lancashire - needs rescuing.
Le Mans Classic 6-7-8 Juillet 2018.

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