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Mini Marcos International Racing Records 1966-67

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DART The original D.A.R.T (Dizzy Addicott Racing Team) special.
MMOC Magazine
First race - first win First race - first win. Geoff Mabbs laps all but one at wet Castle Combe on 25th September 1965. (Autosport)
Monza 1966 The Jean-Louis Marnat/Jean-Pierre Jabouille Mini Marcos Mk. I at Monza in April 1966.
Photos from l'Automobile and Sport Auto, courtesy of Tom Wiggers.
Le Mans 1966 Mini Marcos at Le Mans 1966 - Billy Dulles's account of the events leading up to Marcos's participation in the 1966 endurance race.
Le Mans 1966 24 Heures du Mans 1966 - a collection of photos showing the Marnat/Ballot-Léna Mini Marcos.
Photos courtesy of G. Boulin, T. Wiggers and Washington Photo.
Mugello 66 Mugello 1966 - Billy Dulles's fascinating story about racing the first Mk. III Mini Marcos, 270 DGJ. This article includes Chamrousse hillclimb.
Story and pictures courtesy of W. Dulles.
Montlhèry 1966 Montlhèry 1966. Roy Johnson’s Mini Marcos chases a TR4 round Virage de la ferme.
Geoff Mabbs Geoff Mabbs’s Mini Marcos Mk.I at Goodwood, 30-4-66.
1000km 1966 Johnson/Waters Mini Marcos at the Nürburgring 1000km race, 5-6-1966.
Nürburgring 500km 1966 Jeremy Delmar-Morgan’s Mini Jem in the Nürburgring 500km race, 4-9-1966.
Paris 1000km 1966 Two Mini Marcos Mk.Is in the Paris 1,000kms at Montlhéry on 16-10-1966.
Andy Barton Andy Barton’s Mini Marcos Mk. I at Ingliston in 1966. Kindly supplied by Volker Holz
Nürburgring 1966 Nürburgring 1966 - Billy Dulles continues his campaign on the Nordschleife.
Story and pictures courtesy of W. Dulles.
270 DGJ Notes on 270 DGJ - Billy Dulles concludes his trilogy with some notes on Mini Marcos 7000.
Story and pictures courtesy of W. Dulles.
Silverstone 1966 Silverstone, 1st October 1966: a Mini Marcos chases an Ogle SX1000 in the Clubman’s Championship race.
Photo sourced by Volker Holz.
Brands Hatch 1966 Boxing Day Brands Hatch 27th December 1966: P. W. Anslow’s Mini Marcos. Scan: Volker Holz
Targa Florio 1967 Targa Florio 14th May, 1967 - The Swedish-entered Babea Racing Mini Marcos was driven by Jan-Eric Andreasson. The car retired after one lap owing to an accident and co-driver Johnny Lundberger did not drive.
1000km 1967 Nürburgring 1000km 28th May 1967 - the Mini Marcoses of Garton/McNally and Edwards/Anslow finished first and second in class.
FLIRT The First Ladies International Racing Team, Joey Cook, Jackie Bond-Smith and Jackie Smith at Castle Combe and Nürburgring with the streamlined Mini Marcos.
Rufforth 1967 Andy Barton’s Mini Marcos Mk.I at Rufforth in May 1967.
Innsbruck 1967 Manfred Stottan, Mini Marcos Mk. I at Insbruck International Airport, 14th May 1967.
Zeltweh 1967 Gottlieb Stottan, Mini Marcos Mk. I, 500km Zeltweg (Austria), 20th August 1967.
Ingliston 1967 Two Mini Marcoses on the grid at Ingliston. Andy Barton is on the front row.
Le Mans 1967 Le Mans 1967 - one of the few air-smoothed Mini Marcos race cars built in the 60s. The team had to modify the bodywork to increase the windscreen angle after objections by the scrutineers. The car is also seen under restoration in 1997.
Photos courtesy of S. Jones, G. Boulin, T. Wiggers & M. Kerry
Mugello 1967 Mugello 23rd July 1967 - the Le Mans car still with windscreen mods, driven by Tim Lalonde and Mike Garton, and Joey Cook with the FLIRT car she co-drove with Jacqui Bond-Smith.
Kyalami 1967 Kyalami 9 Hours, 1967 - The Raubenheimer-Marsh Mini Marcos leads the field at the first corner. Cutting courtesy of Brian Raubenheimer, photographed by Ian Allbon. Also (left) a photo of the car in the paddock, courtesy of Tertius Van Zyl.
Nürburgring 500 1967 The streamlined FLIRT Mini Marcos at the Nürburgring 500km race on 3rd September 1967. (K. Tweddell)
Prescott Newton Oils Trophy Meeting, Prescott Speed Hillclimb, September 1967 - L. Evans, Mini Marcos Arden.
Prescott Barry Price, Mini Marcos Mk.I, Prescott Speed Hillclimb, September 1967
Paris 1967 The 1966 Le Mans Mini Marcos driven by Claude Swietlick and Johnny Rives in the 1,000km de Paris at Montlhèry in October 1967.
Pietermaritzburg 1967 The 1967 Le Mans car at the Roy Hesketh Circuit in Pietermaritzburg on Boxing Day 1967.
Ramsgate Mini Marcos Mk.I at a sprint meeting at Ramsgate Western Under Cliff. Ramsgate Historical Society
Weston-Super-Mare An unknown early Mini Marcos at a sprint meeting at Weston-super-Mare.
Unknown location Barry Price, Mini Marcos Mk.I, at an unidentified location around 1968.
Enniskerry Hillclimb Fintan Cunningham, Mini Marcos Mk. III at the Enniskerry Hillclimb in Co. Wicklow 1968.
Mondello Park Stuart Cosgrave and John O’Malley (Mini Marcoses) at Mondello Park, 12/5/1968 and 7/9/1968.
Portugal 1968 Granja do Marquês, Portugal 1968. Peter Raphael’s Mini Marcos on the grid for the GT, Sports and Prototype race.
Photo kindly supplied by Andrew Griffiths.
Vila Real 1968 Grande Premio de Vila Real, Portugal 1968. John Miles (Lotus 47) overtakes Peter Raphael’s Mini Marcos
Photo kindly supplied by Andrew Griffiths.
Mugello Gran Premo del Mugello, 1968 - Mini Marcos on the starting grid.
Photo: Klaus Tweddell
Ballon d'Alsace 1968 Louis laroche, Mini Marcos Mk.III, attacks the Ballon d'Alsace hillclimb in 1968.
Vuillafans Hillclimb 1968 An unidentified Mini Marcos Mk.III at the Course de Côte (hillclimb) de Vuillafans in 1968.
Kyalami 9 hrs 1968 Kyalami 9 Hours race, 1968
East London A South African Mini Marcos in action and at rest at the East London Racetrack in the 1960s.
Photos: J. Christopher
G4 and Mini Marcos A Mk.I Mini Marcos chases a Ginetta G4. Location and date unknown.
Stockholm A glimpse of the Bo Elmhorn/Picko Troberg Mini Marcos racing at Stockholm in 1968.
Vuillafans Hillclimb 1968 An unidentified Mini Marcos Mk.III at the Course de Côte (hillclimb) de Vuillafans in 1968.
Mini Jem 500km 500km Race, Nürburgring 1969 - Mini Jem Mk. 2 at the Karussell and in the paddock.
Photos: Klaus Tweddell
Algemeen racing Team The Algemeen Racing Team from the Netherlands around 1969-1971.
Zandvoort 1970 Pentecost races at Zandvoort in 1970. Mini Marcos Mk.I.
Unipower 1970 A Unipower GT at the Nürburgring in 1970.
Turckheim 1970 Dieter Klein in a Mini Marcos Mk.III at Turckheim in 1970.
South Dakota Roy Taylor's Mini Marcos at South Dakota, Guyana in November 1970 and 1971.
Miramas A Mini Marcos Mk.III at the Miramas circuit in France in 1971.
Zandvoort Kim Koopman, Mini Marcos Mk.III at Zandvoort in 1971.
Mini Marcos 7257 Peter Hanman’s Mini Marcos Mk.III at Mallory Park, 3rd June 1973.
Mini Marcos 7099 Mini Marcos Mk.III at International Hillclimb A Estrada, 1974.
Mitchison Douglas Mitchison racing his Mini Marcos, probably at Lydden Hill in the 1970s.
Charleroi An unidentified Mini Marcos Mk.III in the Boucles de Charleroi in the early 1970s.
Ian Hall Archive photos of Ian Hall's Mini Jem at Castle Combe, Brands Hatch and Croft, 1974-76
TransXL Steven Roberts winning the 1978 ModSports Championship at Thruxton.
Mk.I Portugal Mini Marcos Mk.I in Portuguese National Speed Championship, 1978.
ice racing 1979 Jerry Orr’s Mini Marcos competing in ice racing events in northern USA in 1979 (Jerry Winkler)
wildcam autotest 1979 Jeff Hawkins, Mk.1 Mini Jem taking part in the Wildcam Autocross 1979.
Doune 1980 Alex Graham, Mini Jem Mk. 2 at Junction, Doune Hillclimb, 27th April 1980.
Rumster 1980 Alex Graham, Mini Jem Mk. 2 at Bonar’s Bend, Rumster Hillclimb, 24th August 1980.
MM 6100 Antonella Muscat’s Mk.I Mini Marcos no. 6100 at a meeting in Malta, 1980s.
Jem at Wilbarston This modified Mk.2 Jem at Wilbarston was found on some old video tapes by Jim Naylor. Date unknown.
Neil Roscoe Neil Roscoe has an incident in the former TransXL Mini Marcos Mk.IV.
Jem in Alsace Mk.1 Mini Jem in an historic rally in Alsace. Details unknown. Strange radiator!
2 Mini Marcoses Two Mk. I Mini Marcoses on a track somewhere. Details unknown.

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