Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH8166, Owner: Mike Bastiana

on trackMike Bastiana's sprint and hillclimb car is for sale and has an impressive specification: engine

1380cc A-Series with K.A.D. 16V cylinder head and twin Weber 45DCOE carburettors. The ignition is full Weber Alpha ignition control with 3D mapping of 'wasted spark' system. The gearbox ex-Tran-X is 5-speed syncro type with close ratios from a highish first gear. Very special compound drop gears give a permanent reduction of 1.28:1 which means an installed final drive ratio of 3.44:1 is effectively 4.4:1. The Tran-X L.S.D. is plate type and very progressive. front 1

The front suspension is based on original cast top arm and wishbone bottom arm but top arm is moved upwards and both bottom arm and tiebar are Rose jointed and adjustable in situ for camber and caster. Coil-over shock absorbers are pushrod activated from the top arms and are positioned along the body crossmember above the subframe turrets. The front brakes are 8.4" solid discs with alloy 4 pot calipers. front 2

The rear suspension is of beam type using fabricated trailing arms mounted via fully adjustable rose joints (camber/toe-in and possibly wheelbase!!). Coilover dampers mount on the inner end of the stub axle. A blade type anti-roll bar mounts from the beam to trailing end of arms. rear The rear discs are ex Kart and are 7.0625" diameter using Peugeot scooter alloy calipers. The hubs are machined from billet and use Cooper 'S' taper-roller wheel bearings. Wheels are 13" x 7".

The roll cage is a one-off and has mounts to front subframe and rear beam. Motordrive seating allows for a 5 point harness and is a completely unique item being designed purely for this application.

Photos and specification courtesy of Mike Bastiana.
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