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Mini Jem RS-LWR-1119 at La Laquais and Charade

More track day action. Top: Jean-Pierre Cochet-Terrasson (left) tests Patrick Nicolas’s Mini Jem after it is reborn. Patrick writes: “For the trackdays, I use 13" wheels because the Avon slick tyres are more available than the old 10" Dunlop. They give a more modern look but that is not the goal. I'm still working on the car to solve some minor problems. This winter [2009-10], I've changed the pistons (the engine was smoky), added an air duct on the radiator, added a vintage shiftlight on the dashboard, change the tune of the suspension (more negative camber).... ”

Above:A track day at the Charade circuit with Patrick Nicolas at the helm.

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Last updated 1st March, 2010