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Rae Davis at the Classic Cars Night, August 24th 2004

Rae Davis held a sponsors' evening at the Ace Cafe on Classic 7amp; Lotus 7 night. His Mini Marcos and Sprite were on display, the former complete with that essential 1960s accessory the Dolly Bird (though this one was clearly a later reproduction model). The gentleman on Rae's left in picture 7 is none other than Gerry Marshall.

World's Number One
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3. (58 kbytes)
Ace Corner
4. (49 kbytes)
Dolly Bird
5. (65 kbytes)
Rae Davis
6. (24 kbytes)
Rae, Gerry Marshall, etc
7. (72 kbytes)

Read the Classics article on the GB Performance site.

Italian Job Night, September 1st 2004

The Mini Bandits club held a charity event on Mod'n'Mini night to raise money for their Italian Job entry in aid of Children's charities. The teddy bears had been autographed by celebrities including Paddy Hopkirk and Michael Caine. MMOC participation was by Guy humphries (Mini Marcos) and Richard Porter (Jem).

Marcos and Jem
8. (68 kbytes)
Minis lined up
9. (55 kbytes)
Guy and Laurent
10. (61 kbytes)
Teddy bear table
11. (63 kbytes)

(Photos: R. Porter)

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