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Mini Marcos Web Site Hacked

Our web server was hacked at approximately 00:17 UTC on 26th December. All index.* files were replaced by a substitute page announcing the virus attack. Our hosting company, Web-mania, has been able to trace where the abuse came from and has both blocked and reported the unauthorised access. All the affected pages have now been restored, but if you notice any problems please let me know.


6th Marcos Euregio Meeting 13-14 September at Velden (NL)

At least 28 cars and their occupants gathered at the Dutch village of Velden near Venlo for the sixth annual Marcos Euregio Meeting. Many of the visitors arrived on Saturday afternoon to take part in a tour of the Hertog Jan brewery in nearby Arcen, followed by an excellent meal in the hotel.

Later in the evening our special guest John Sutton gave a fascinating illustrated talk about the early days of Marcos cars and his racing experiences. John was one of the first racing drivers to buy an "Ugly Duckling" Marcos Gullwing in 1960. In 1961 he won the Autosport Championship with the Gullwing and in 1963 he came fifth overall and second in class in the 500km race at the Nürburgring. Today he races his collection of Austin Seven Specials with great success.

Sunday's activities got under way with a "members' choice" Concours d'Élégance in the morning. Roger and Melanie Garland set up the MMOC sales stand while everyone inspected the cars on show and voted for their favourites. The restaurant was packed out with Marcos owners and enhusiasts for a light lunch, after which we set out with much gusto for the Eurotech factory.

This was a return visit after our extremely popular tour of the factory in 2000, and we were delighted again to be welcomed by Wim Noorman and his staff. After some refreshments we were split into groups for the different languages and taken round the factory which makes specialised low-volume castings and components for many customers around Europe, particularly in the medical field and in the production of the large video displays that you see at sporting venues.

The racing side, which is financially separated, takes up a small part of the works and is able to call upon Eurotechs casting and milling facilities when needed. Since Eurotech took over Marcos, six high-spec LM race cars have been produced, along with around 20 of the lower cost Mantis racers. Several cars were present in the workshop along with a road going MantaRay and another MantaRay kit which Wim Noorman hopes to complete for himself when he has time (so not much progress so far then). Although no new race cars are being made at the moment because of economic conditions, the cars are competing successfully in several series.

After the tour and a session nosing round the racing shop, we reconvened in the canteen for the prizegiving of the concours. The results were:

Mini Marcos Class (including Mini kits)

  1. Roger Crommentuyn (NL) - Mini Marcos Mk. III
  2. Erik Wijn (NL) - Mini Marcos Mk. IV
  3. Roger Garland (GB) - Mini Marcos Mk. IV

Big Marcos Class

  1. Peter St. David-Jones (GB) - Mantula
  2. Gerrit Vanoppen (B) - Mantula 2 litre
  3. Berend Jan Kompanje (NL) - 1600 GT

Marcos Heritage Shield

    Klaus Tweddell - Marcos Fastback "3 PLY"

Following the presentations and valedictory speeches which including special thanks to Wim Noorman, John Sutton and not least Maarten Krikken and Marjan Vanhammel, Wim Noorman presented everyone with an A2 size Eurotech desk jotter. Soon the air alive with the sound of V8s and A-series as we headed for home. The weather had been perfect and anoter superb Euregio meeting was at an end. Keep your diaries clear in early September next year for another storming event!

Photos can be found in the Show Scene section.

Read John Sutton's article on the meeting in Motorsnippets.

Richard Porter

6th Marcos Euregio Meeting 13-14 September at Velden (NL)

For its sixth edition, the Marcos Euregio Meeting goes back in time. Three years ago, we were already welcomed by Eurotech to see their facilities and it is due to popular demand that Eurotech boss and Marcos racer Wim Noorman opens the doors again for the Marcos enthusiasts.

With Marcos owners travelling from further to join us at the Euregio Meeting, the question to organise some activities on both Saturday as well as Sunday grew louder and louder. This year a visit to a local brewery or distillery is planned on Saturday afternoon while the evening will be full of interesting stories, told by John Sutton. John was one of the first racing drivers to buy an Ugly Duckling Marcos Gullwing in 1960. In 1961 he won the Autosport Championship with the Gullwing and in 1963 he came fifth overall and second in class in the 500km race at the Nürburgring. Today he races his collection of Austin Seven Specials with great success.

Centre of the meeting will be Hotel-Restaurant Van den Hombergh, where the Sunday kicks off with the traditional concours d'élégance. After lunch, we will all set off to Eurotech where we will be given a view on their competition department and cars.

The programme:

Saturday 13th of September 2003
From 15.00Gathering at Hotel-Restaurant Van den Hombergh
16.00-17.00 Visit at the Hertog Jan brewery or distillery De Ijsvogel, Arcen
18.30 Dinner at the Hotel-Restaurant (at your expense)
20.00Slide show and stories told by John Sutton
Sunday 14th of September 2003
From 10.00Gathering at Hotel-Restaurant Van den Hombergh
Concours d'élégance
12.00-13.00Lunch (soup and sandwiches)
13.15-13.30Joint trip to Eurotech
14.00Guided tour at Eurotech, followed by
Prizegiving of the Councours
Ca 16.30End of the meeting

Although we hope to see you all on both days, you can also participate on Sunday only.

Participation fee

Saturday - 7,50 euro (incl. visit brewery, consumption at brewery, participation in cost of evening event).
The price of the dinner is not included!

Sunday - 15,00 euro (including lunch, concours)

Hotel Accomodation

The Hotel-Restaurant Van den Hombergh has several rooms available for the meeting. You can book a hotel room directly with Mr. Bart Van den Hombergh (tel +31 77 472 12 91 fax 0031 77 472 25 85 or e-mail)

We look forward to see you on the 6th Marcos Euregio Meeting!

Maarten Krikken

Please let us know if you want to participate.

Download the invitation and booking form.

[no longer available]

New URL Strip

URL sticker

Help promote your favourite web site! The MMOC's web site alias, "" is now available in vynil lettering for application to the inside of the rear window. A free strip will be presented to members who bring their cars to shows where we have a club stand. See the Regalia page for more details.

MOC Sussex Group Meetings End

The South-East group of the Marcos Owners Club has reluctantly decided to discontinue its monthly meetings at North Chailey, and its newsletter owing to insufficient interest. These meetings were also attended by some MMOC members.

The group's organiser, Anne de Legh, has offered to e-mail details of events to members as they become available.

Meanwhile the Kent goup is flourishing and everyone is welcome at their meetings at Ash, near Brands Hatch. Contact Phil Mugford for details.

Luxembourg 2003

Luxembourg 2003

Make a note in your diary for a new Marcos Meeting in the Grand Duchy on 13th-15th June, the week following the International Mini Meeting. More details.

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