Marcos Ireland Mini Marcos Mk. III, MI10, MO 519 (IRL), Owner: Padraig Halvey

lh side, high

rh side




Previous owner, the late Patrick Strogen wrote: “I live in the west of Ireland and a few days ago (Oct '08) I bought a Mini Marcos. We know it’s one of the few made in Dublin as it still has both its plates under the bonnet. It’s in a bit of a state and the last owner had it stored in a shed since 1980. He said the owner before him had raced it at Mondello. The stickers were still on the side and in better condition than the paintwork. I have managed to get them off and have them saved. It is in a pretty sorry state at the moment but I have recently completely rebuilt an Austin Mini 1980 so hopefully it should be ok. I’m in the process of trying to register it as I want to put plates on it.”

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