Mini Marcos Mk. 3, MI 1, HZO 800 (IRL), Owner: Des Quinn

Phoenix Park 2006   Phoenix Park 2006   Terenure 2007

Neil Kilbane writes: "I was at the Phoenix Park Races on Saturday [12th August 2006] and out in the Historics was MI 1, the first of the cars built by Marcos Ireland. It used to be owned by David Millar but is now in the care of Des Quinn. The circuit is a triangular shape with a chicane on two of the sides, the third being the start finish straight. The Marcos circulated mid-field being held up by an MGB GT which had the legs on the straight with the Marcos catching in the corners, at one time they swapped a bit of paint in one corner. The race was won by some way by a Sunbeam Tiger with a 5ltr Chevy V8, although the fastest lap of 1:17 went to a 1600cc Lotus Elan, the Marcos finished 9th and had a lap time of 1:31." (photos 1 and 2 courtesy of "Maxi")

The third photo was posted here on Flickr by "bmccoy". The car is on the Historic Racing Car Association's stand at the 2007 Irish Classic and Vintage Car Show run by the Irish Jaguar and Daimler Club at Terenure College, Dublin on 8th July. This is the largest and most prestigious show in the country.

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