Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH8373, DND 71Y (GB), Owner: Nick Marfleet


Nick Marfleet's newly restored Mini Marcos Mk. IV. Nick writes:

"Finished in Nightfire Red, Little Sid has colour coded Minilites to complete the look. The engine bay is home to a tweaked 998, with front mounted radiator. Inside, a custom centre console houses a lever to open the rear hatch (on pneumatic struts), which removes the need for a lock on the hatch, to keep the lines clean. A slight flick has been added to the rear profile.

"Window winders are out of a Vauxhall Nova. the only modification needed was to shorten the arm by a couple of inches. Although the window travel is not full (due to the internal curvature of the door and space), it only leaves about 1.5 to 2 inches of the window up. The armrest is also from a Nova, with its attachment reinforced behind the panel, it fulfils its function well."

(Photo: N. Marfleet)

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Last updated 4th November, 2012