Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH8334, HUH 265W (GB), Owner: Mike Kimball (USA)




early photo Formerly owned by Ron Ottery (left), this car was converted for bike power by AJEC Racing in Gloucester. It was sold to the USA and quickly re-appeared for auction. The engine was a 1,000cc Honda CBR and the rest of the conversion kit is from Z-Cars. You can see some photos of the conversion here.

Robin Gilmour started restoring the car to its original A-series configuration, and sent us the top photo. Sadly he died in 2015.

The car has now (2017) been bought by “Crazy Mike” Kimball in California, who is continuing the restoration. Mike says: “It’s mostly gutted inside, instrumentation is a MotoGP type digital. Current plans are to re-hab it with said rear coil-overs, a fuel cell instead of the original van tank, some nice 12" tires/wheels and a supercharged 998 (I have other engine options, but the s/c 98 seems an appropriate and more period sort of combo)”.

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Last updated 24th May, 2017