Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH 8221, XRV 742 (GB), Owner: Andy Timmins

MM 8218

From an event photo with your webmaster standing behind. We were very pleased to have been contacted by the builder, Tony Ingham. Tony writes: “I have been looking at your site because I built a Mini Marcos in 1978. I used to go to all the kit car shows like Stoneleigh and Newark with the car. It was bright blue when I built it but it looks a different couler in the picture. I used 1275 and 1071 Cooper S engines with straight cut gears split Webers etc – the full works set-up. Also it had a beam axle on the rear. It would do 16 second quarter mile sprints. I would love to hear of its whereabouts now.”

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Last updated 24th September, 2016