Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7104, AMY 135H (GB), Owner: Bob Polak (CAN)

dash   MM7104

interior   track   track
This car had previously been owned by several club members in the UK before crossing the pond in 2002.

Bob Polak writes: “I bought Marcos 7104 last year [2007] in January from Jeremy Bannister in Pensylvania. The car was taken to Costa Mesa, California where Mincomp is doing the build. It will be prepaired for vintage racing in Canada and USA. At present a complete SCCA legal roll cage was fitted and the car has been painted white. Progress on the build, front and rear subframes are in and so is the fuel cell - hopefully ready mid-June.” *

The car is now up and rumning, and we received these photos from Bob in October 2008.

* see Bob at Mosport in June 2009 and feature article on British Racecar

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