Mini Marcos Mk. 3, 7073, 46 VK (USA/PA), Owner: Peter Steilberg

front left   front right   rear   rear left

cockpit   dash   inside rear   engine

chassis plate   engine right   engine front   Boiling Springs

A few views of Peter Steilberg’s Mk. III Mini Marcos that was formerly owned by Calle Berntsson in Sweden and -s now in the USA. It was originally imported into Sweden from the factory by Bo Elmhorn.

The first eleven pictures show the car in Sweden with its registration AYR 394. In the last photo it is sporting its Pennsylvania antique registration plate "46 VK" at the Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club (SVVSCC) car show in the town of Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania in September 2003. The car was then owned by Andy Seward who imported it into the USA. (photos: A. Seward)

Peter Steilberg contacted us in June 2007 to say that the car now resides with him in Seattle Washington, alongside a Lotus Élan S1 race car, a twin cam Mk.1 Ford Escort and other “oddities”.

Read Andy Seward's article, A Swedish Mini Marcos Race Car Re-surfaces in the USA.

See some pictures of 7073 in Arizona.

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