Mini Jem Mk. 2, RS-M2-1113, BHM 2H (GB), Owner: Unknown (F)

front ns   front

front os   front/engine

rear   rear os

Seen for sale in East Dumbartonshire with the following description:

“MINI JEM GT 1970 competition, sprint, hill climb or classic racing. Full race 1380cc engine by Mini Sprint of Leciester. Big valve polished and ported head, scatter cam, fully lightened and balanced paddle clutch, 45DCOE Weber on long inlet manifold, LCB exhaust manifold, RC40 exhaust, straight cut close ratio gearbox including straight cut drop gears, 3.9:1 semi-helical crown wheel and pinion, Salsbury LSD, fully adjustable rose jointed front suspension, coil-over rear, adjustable suspension, Compomotive turbo split rims, new Yokohama A008 tyres, full role cage, laminated windscreen. Succesfully used in Scottish motor sport and has been developed present owner 19 years.”

The car now resides in Paris.

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