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Kit Links

AMC Cub Club
Banham Spyder
Biota - enthusiast site
Burlington Register
Clan Owners Club
Classic Kitcars
Dare UK
New Davrian Register
Dax - factory site
Domino Pimlico Register
Gazoline (French magazine)
Ginetta Owners Club
*GTM Owners Club
Jago Owners Club
Jeffrey Historic Kit Car - Marque History.
Jiffy Register
Jimini Cars - factory site
JZR Pilots' Association
Kent Kit Car Club
Kit Car Links
Kit Car Sales
Kit Cars Magazine (needs Java)
Kit Car Mart - classifieds
Kit Car Trader - ads - US Kit Car Site
Magenta Register

McCoy Owners Club
Midas Owners Club
MiniJem Plus
Mini Minus Register
Mini Racing Forum - derivatives (French) - three-wheelers.
Muddy Buggies - More Freestyle Frolics
National Kitcar Club of Great Britain
Nota Engineering (Nota Fang)
Quantum Owners Club
Quasar Unipower (French, some English)
Richard Oakes - Black Jack Avion
Richard Olafsson - Speedsters and Spyders
Robin Hood Community
The Rock (NZ) - 1969 Mini Jem - Junior Jewel
Scamp Owners Club
Scamp Kit Car Owners Club
Scamp Motor Company - factory site
Southern Kitcars - Enthusiasts in the South-East
Spartan Owners Club (UK)
Stimson Mini-Bug
TDK Racing - FRA Mini
Tiger Racing
Top Kits
Westfield Sportscar Club (WSCC)
WSCC Black Country Area

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