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Cars of the Month 2023

This page lists the photos featured on the home page from January 2023. "Car of the Month" will feature the best suitable photo submitted each month, or in the absence of anything suitable one of our existing photos. Please send new photos with owner, photographer (if different) and car details to webmaster at If you can please reduce images to not more than 1024 x 768 or 1072 x 712 pixels.

The link on each photo leads to more details and photos of the car, or a larger photo.


Mini Marcos Mk.I January: Greg Carini’s gorgeous Mini Marcos Mk. I. Love those windows!
RB174 February: Andy Derrick’s Mini Jem Mk.2 (or is it a Mk.3?) in Australia.
March: Colin Foulkes’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8365
April: Tomy Gruelles’s Mini Marcos Mk. III, no.7428, which he races in the Maxi 1000 and 1300 Series in France.
May: Andrew Brennan’s just restored Mk.IV Mini Marcos no. 8195 which is currently for sale (April 2023).
June, July: Mike Edwards’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV seen on the Mad Merseyside Lakes Tour in 2021.
Mini Marcos August: A racing Mini Marcos complete with Gurney bubble. Details would be welcome if the owner sees this.
Kingfisher Sprint 29 September: Kingfisher Sprint built by John Gamble in 1968.
October: Mini Marcos Mk. III 7464 previously owned by Richard Eardts, and by Gérard Zanol at the time of this picture.
LWR 1117 December: Mk. 1 Lightweight Racing Mini Jem, LWR 1117, seen for sale in France.

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