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Cars of the Month 2008

This page lists the photos featured on the home page during 2008. (Slideshow)

RS-M2-1189 January: Jean-Marc Prat’s Mk. 2 Mini Jem has been turning heads in France for quite a while. 7421 July: Chris Clarke's Mini Marcos Mk.III at the Newark Kit Car Festival on 22nd June, three weeks after completing restoration.
Le Mans Classic 2006 February: The Mini Marcos Mk. IV of Manuel Ferrão and Fernando Soares in the pit lane at the 2006 Le Mans Classic. (C. Baufi) Le Mans Classic 2008 August: Mini Marcos Mk. I of Didier Esquerré, Dominique Chatelain, Cédric Thouvenin and Michel Borens at the 2008 Le Mans Classic. In true 1966 style No. 50 crossed the line last (and to a round of applause), but it finished!
7458 March: Irwin van Liempd has just bought this car from the UK and has brought it back to the road after ten years in the garage. JJO 28N September: Paul Shaw's gorgeous looking Mk.IV Mini Marcos in Corgi model colours.
Gulf Mk.IV at Essen April: Karsten Gaertner’ Gulf-liveried (but road-going despite the BCT sticker) Mini Marcos Mk.IV at the Techno-Classica show in Essen. (T. Wiggers) October: Lars Kristian Ekorness lifts a wheel at Vålerbanen, Norway. (larger photo
7481 May: Jim Naylor’s much campaigned Mini Marcos Mk. III. November: Syd Crawford’s Taylorspeed Jem which was finally registered in Australia last month following restoration.
June: Gert-Jan Westerveld with Mini Marcos 8063 after winning the Derivatives class in the Meguiar’s Show'n'Shine at the 2008 International Mini Meeting at Lelystad. MM 7065 December: Seasonal shot of Axel Desjardins’s Mini Marcos Mk.III actually taken earlier in the year. (larger photo) (A. Desjardins)

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