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Cars of the Month 2005

This page lists the photos featured on the home page in 2005. (Slideshow)

LAO 607W January: Andy Roberts's Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH8350 previously owned and restored by Tim and Dave Evans, seen at the European Kit Car Show 2004. Kingfisher July: Keith Rose's Kingfisher Sprint cools off in the shade of the palm trees at the International Mini Meeting in Salou, Cataluņa, in June 2005. (Photo: R. Porter)
7257 February: Peter Hanman's former race car seen at Malvern in 2001, having been fully restored for road use. Tony Full at Sparkford August: Tony and Susan Full about to leave the Jesters' Mini Show at the Haynes Museum, Sparkford on 24th July 2005 in their Mini Jem Mk.2. (Photo: R. Porter)
Bent Larsen's Mk.IV March: Bent Larsen's Mini Marcos Mk. IV which was the sole representative of the marque at the 2004 International Mini Meeting in Norwich. Paul Buelens's Mini Marcos September: Paul Buelens's distinctive Mk.III Mini Marcos, 7109, in the paddcok at Spa-Francorchamps.
Bruce Glasby's Le Mans Mk.III April: Bruce Glasby's 1967 Le Mans Mini Marcos Mk. III sees the Zimbabwe sunshine after a lengthy restoration. The car has regained it's correct windscreen angle and neater front wheel arches, but no longer sports the rear spats. (Photo: Phil Brown) Mike Cawley's Gullwing October: It's about time we included this one! Mike Cawley's unique gullwing door conversion on a Mk. IV Mini Marcos which is currently up for sale.
Marcos Heritage Mk.VI May: The Mini Marcos 40 years on - the Marcos Heritage Mk. VI. This is the factory demonstrator as road tested for Which Kit Car? and Mini Magazine by Martyn Morgan-Jones. (Photo: Martyn Morgan-Jones) MM8057 November: Patrick Nicolas's very smart Marcos Ltd. Mk.IV in France. (Photo: P. Nicolas)
8354 June: turn up at a show with a nice car and you get on Car of the Month! That's what Chris Reeson did with his Mk. IV at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in May 2005. (Photo: R. Porter) Kingfisher Sprint December: Allan Jeffrey's superbly restored Kingfisher Sprint Turbo seen at the Stoneleigh Kit Car Show in May 2001. (Photo: R. Porter)

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