Mini Marcos Mk. IV, 8081, DY 58964 (DK), Owner: Per Hahn

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This special member's portfolio kindly provided by Per Hahn from Denmark. Click on any thumbnail to see the full size photo. Per writes:

"Enclosed is a couple of pictures of what I spend my time on - among other projects - in my garage. My Marcos! I understand that you knew the previous owner and have seen the car in Sweden. I found it at an exhibition in ...

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"Copenhagen hidden behind a big crowd of people. But I found it, drove home, was very restless and drove back later the same evening waiting for closing time of the exhibition. I got it - but it wasn't easy.

"Since I bought it 4 years ago, I have only done modifications in the engine. The rest of the car is in an excellent condition.

pic 3

"So far it's:
Omega pistons 74mm, Bryan Slark race head 38.8x31mm., Rimflo valves, Weber 45mm. on 5" manifold, Ultra Light clutch, 1.5 Titanium Alloy roller rockers, Kent 310 Scatter Pattern, carbon fibre pushrods, adjustable belt drive kit. The gearbox is a Jack Knight 4-speed, straight cut gears and lay gears, dog shift, remote change, final gears 1:3.44, build on a Cooper S block. All fully balanced.

Pic 4

"It's pretty fast - the guy who tested it on the rolling road, had big troubles transferring the power from the wheels to the rollers - lots of spinning wheels. With a static adjustment of the ignition timing only and a standard set up of the carburettor the printer showed 115bhp. Then the cylinder gasket blew and he never got the chance to calibrate it. 125bhp. should be very realistic, I would say.

Pic 5 "The pipes on the back of the motor, are the abandoned project about the external oil filter. This is the reason why the motor is out of the "engine room". I want to dismantle the motor and bring the oil system back to original."
Pic 6

We did indeed see the car and its former owner, Morten Deenforrt, at the International Marcos Rallye in Sweden in 1992, when it beat all the Coupés to win best car of the show. That's after Morten had popped back to Denmark to replace a broken windscreen!

We're delignted that the car is now back in the club along with its enthusiastic new owner.

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