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History of the Mini Marcos Family

2. The Mini Jem

2.2 Details

Mark 1 (1967-69)

Windscreen set well forwards; smooth roof line leading to fixed rear window (usually perspex or polycarbonate); fixed rear side windows; horizontally sliding door windows with GRP surround. Made by Jem (Developments) Limited, Fellpoint Limited and under licence by TaylorSpeed in South Australia.

overall length - 11'3" (3.43m)
overall height - 3'8" (1.12m)
overall width - 5'6" (1.68m)
Weight, complete car - 10cwt (508kg)
Weight, basic shell - 230lb (104kg), shown in one brochure as 130lb.

Mini Jem Mk.1

Mark 2 (1969-74)

Mini Jem Mk.2 roof Windscreen set much further back and less steeply inclined; slightly raised roof line; optional opening rear quarter lights; aluminium door window frames with drop lights; no external door handles. Made by Fellpoint and High Performance Mouldings (HPM). Fellpoint (Robin Statham) body numbers are usually of the form RS-M2-1xxx or RS-MK2-1xxx. Lightweight racing shells are coded RS-LWR-1xxx. A one-part removable front was available as a factory option.

overall length - 11'3" (3.43m)
overall height - 3'6" (1.07m)
seat base to roof - 2'8" (813mm)
overall width - 4'9" (1.45m)
width at shoulder height - 3'10" (1.17m)
luggage space - 10½ cu.ft. (300l)
Weight, complete car - 11cwt (560kg)
Weight, basic shell - 350lb (160kg) (lightweight racing shells were available)

Mini Jem Mk.2

Sketches above by Colin Wrigglesworth.

Mark 3 (1974-75)

Front wheel arch extensions leading to points either side of nose; larger bonnet opening with squared top corners; full fibreglass rear inner wheel arches (Mk. 1 and 2 had steel Mini inner arches which were exposed at the top); optional rear hatch. Made by Malcolm Fell.

Mk.1 bonnet detail     Mk.3 bonnet detail

N.B. the small bulge bonnet was suitable for small block engines (850 - 1098cc). A bonnet with a wider bulge was available for 1275cc engines.

The wheel arch extensions and rear hatch could be retro-fitted to Mk.2 cars.

Mk.3 front wheel arch extension

Drawings by Richard Porter

1. General Description

2. The DART

3. The Mini Marcos

4. The Mini Jem

5. The Kingfisher Sprint

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