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Quasar Malcolm Newell, Quasar
The man himself aboard another of his creations, the Quasar motorcycle.
S.E.Hamblin S.E. Hamblin Ltd.
Mini Marcos Mk. I shells seen at the Sherborne, Dorset factory where they were being made for Marcos.
Mini Dart Mini Dart
Dizzy Addicott's GRP Dart prototype using one of the Falcon shells is seen during testing at Wroughton airfield before Jem Marsh stopped production. This page is on MiniJem Plus
Motor Show 1968 Mini Marcoses at the 1968 London Motor Show.
Mini Marcos Poster Mini Marcos Mk. I poster painted by Graham Stevenson.
Mark 3 Mini Marcos Mk. III
Not a photo, but Tony Carlsson's superb air brush drawing which graced our home page before we had Car of the Month.
Gran Turismo Mini Marcos Mk. III in Gran Turismo
A rare treat for video game enthusiasts - a Mini Marcos! Three sceeen shots.
post card Mini Marcos Mk.III Post Card
This is believed to have been issued in the Netherlands. We'd like to know whose car this is.
xmas 97 Mini Marcos Mk. III Christmas Card 1997
Our web site Christmas card was used on the home page in 1997 and one or two subsequent years. The design was also used for a printed card.
xmas 03 Mini Marcos Mk. III Christmas Card 2003
This home page Christmas Card in 2003 featured Kevin Mitchell's Mini Marcos which was decorated for the Mini Christmas Show at Shepton Mallet.
I Spy - Marcos I Spy Cars II
Marcos Mantula and Mini Marcos Mk.V in this 1992 I Spy book.
Mini Jem Card Collectors’ Cards: Mini Jem
One of aa series printed in Italy and probably circulated in Australia.
Christian Schmidt Mini Marcos Mk. V
Actor Christian Schmidt poses at the factory with a Mk.V, and in it.
Adams Bros' Probe and Concept Centaur
How low can you go? Nothing to do with the Mini Marcos, but the Probes were produced by the designers of the Marcos Coupé. Probe 15 is seen at Peterborough in 1990. The Concept Centaur seen at Knebworth Park in 2004 is a development of the Probe.
Costin Costin Sports Roadster
A Costin Sports Roadster prototype at The European Kit Car Show 2005. This was Frank Costin's last project.

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