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A selection of cuttings from the motoring magazines concerning MMOC cars, members and events.

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Motoring News, 2nd September 1965

New Kit Car Mini-Marcos - Motoring News leads with the announcement on page 2.

Motor Sport, September 1965

First ad for Mini Marcos.

Autosport, 1st October, 1965

First race - first win: Geoff Mabbs laps all but one at wet Castle Combe.

Autosport, 24th June 1966

Le Mans 1966 - Only British car to survive.

Sport Auto (F) 1966

Le Marcos de Marnat/Ballot-Léna ... conquit la sympathie du public.

Sydney Morning Herald, 18th July 1966

Mini Specials - Mini Marcos to be imported into Australia.

Autocar, 29th July 1966

Mini Supplement - Mini Marcos with Le Mans '66 photo.

Champion (F), September 1966

Du Scaphandre à la Course par J.-P. Boivent

Auto News, October 1966

“From rust to riches - Build Your Own Marcos GT” - three part series on turning a rusty Mini Van into a gleaming Mini Marcos Mk.III. It's a full blow-by-blow account including renovation of the donor parts, tools and full costings. The whole project came in at under £400, plus another £100 for a set of Minilites and SP3s.

Le Mans 1967 (unattributed)

MARCOS 50: Prouver en Europe qu’elle peut rouler 24 heures.

Cars and Car Conversions, August 1967

“Mini Based Specials” - a review of a clutch of Mini specials.

Car (South Africa), October 1967

Article from an unidentified South African magazine on the Raubenheimer Mini Marcos.

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Hot Car, April 1968

“Let's Go!” - Issue number 1 blasts off with a Mini Marcos and a two-part article on building a Mini Jem.

Hot Car, April / May 1968

Build a Mini Jem for under £350.

Hot Car, June 1968

“Burn Rubber!” - Paul Davies provides an introduction to drag racing and finds a Mini Marcos at Santa Pod.

Car Magazine, September 1968

Qcar features the Mk. III Mini Marcos factory demonstrator, LAM 101F: “Performancewise, It's the Maxi-Mini”.

Hot Car, October 1968

“Go Custom” - Tony Bostock reviews the kits and bits, including Mini Jem and Mini Marcos.

Cars and Car Conversions, March 1969

Mini Jem: review of Mk.2 from Fellpoint (photo is a Mk.1).

Sports Car World (Australia), June 1969

“A Jem of a Mini” featuring taylorspeed Jem RWW 019.

Wheels (Australia), June 1969

“The Thoroughly Modern Mini” - Mini Jem.

Hot Car, September 1969

“Kit Cars Compared” - Paul Davies tests the Mini Jem Mk. II and Mini Marcos Mk. III (GBH 771G and LAM 101F).

Car, December 1969

“The Ugly Bug Ball”

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Cars and Car Conversions, March 1971

Jem Talk by Richard Hudson-Evans.

Car, August 1972

“Marcos Revived” by Peter Filby.

Cars & Car Conversions, January 1974

Mini Marcos and Mini Jem.

Sports Car World (Australia), February 1974

“Jem Again” by Graeme Agars, featuring the original Ziggy Kwiatkowski car, RKP-850.

Cars & Car Conversions, December 1976

“One of the Rest” - Terry Grimwood tries out Steve Roberts’s TransXL Mini Marcos Mk.III.

CCC cover

Cars and Car Conversions, July 1977

This issue carries an article on Ian Hall's Mini Jem racer. This adapted version is from MMOC Magazine number 65 (Autumn 1997).

Autocar, 30th July 1977

“Mini Marcos Lives On” - Peter Filby reports on the D & H Fibregalss Techniques Mini Marcos Mk. IV. this scan was taken from a reprint used by D & H for promotional purposes. The denim skirt looks more dated than the Mini Marcos!

Lancashire Hot Shot or Contender for the Bakersfield Frog Jumps

A contemporary article about the D & H Mini Marcos Mk.IV from around 1977. Source unknown. (html)

Car Mechanics, May and June 1979

Two-part article by Chris Horton on stripping and preparing the donor parts, and building the Mini Marcos Mk. IV kit.

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Cars & Car Conversions, December 1981

“Being There - 5” - Steven Roberts's Trans-XL Mini Marcos.

Auto Performance, December 1982

“Deutsche Marcos” - Roger Young’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV no. 8066.

Kit Car, March 1983

Robin Bye tells the story of Morten Deenfort's Mini Marcos Mk. IV, number 8081.

Kit Car, March 1985

Little Wonder: Mini Marcos Mk.III, TRD 980H.

Sports Car Monthly, September 1986

Track Test: Mighty Mini - Neil Roscoe’s ex-TransXL Mini Marcos.

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Which Kit?, August 1990

Club Chat: There’s Plenty Going On at the Mini Marcos Owners Club.

Kitcars International, June 1991

Marque time: Roger Crowhurst with MMOC news and Newark '90 pic.

Which Kit?, June 1991

Club Chat: Anticipating the Stoneleigh rebuild.

Which Kit?, July 1991

Pickett’s Lock Show; Mini Marcos Revived.

Performance Car, July 1991

Culture Shock: True Brits - clips from a feature article on Marcos.

Kitcars International, July 1991

a) Game, set and match to Martina - and Mini Mini Marcos relaunch;
b) Marque Time: Mini Marcos 48-hour build at Stoneleigh;
c) Speedex ad for the relaunched Mini Marcos.

Which Kit?, August 1991

Club Chat: Stoneleigh 48-hour Mini Marcos Build

Which Kit?, December 1991

Mini Marcos Back in Production

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Kitcars International, February 1992

The Mini Marcos Is Back.

Kitcars International, March 1992

History Repeats Itself - Competition Mini Marcos - Up market Mini Marcos

CCC cover

Cars & Car Conversions, May 1992

A Good Bit of Kit - Steve Bennett compared the Mini Marcos Mk.V, Midas and a brace of GTMs.

Autocar & Motor, 17 June 1992

Plastic Pig Without Poke - Shaun Campbell drives the Mini Marcos Mk.V.

Kitcars International, July 1992

Marque time: Roger Crowhurst’ Mini Marcos.

Kit Car, July 1992

Mini Marvel: Peter Cahill talks to Jem Marsh about the history of the Mini Marcos.

Classic & Sportscar, August 1992

“Plastic Toad” - John Pressnell tries out the Mini Marcos Mk. V and talks to Jem Marsh.

Car Builder, August 1992

Mini Clubs: Mini Marcos Owners Club profile by Roger Garland;
Mini Mania - review of Mini-based Kit Cars: Mini Marcos.

Mini World, September 1992

Fresh Air Marcos - pvc sunroof available for the Mk.V Mini Marcos.
Mini World Goes Dutch - IMM at Terwolde

Kit Car, September 1992

Mini Marcos O.C. - Peter Cahill looks at one of the liveliest clubs around.

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Austro Classic, March 1994

Wolfgang Buchta does a night rally in Mini Marcos 8050.

Top Gear, May 1994

“Sweet & Low” - Mini Sprint and Mini Marcos.

“Top Gear” is to journalism what Jeffrey Archer is to literature. If you watch the programme you'll know what to expect, but unless you enjoy watching rubber being burned up mindlessly whilst going nowhere in particular you probably won't. Come back Tony Mason, all is forgiven!

This article is a shocker. The hack concerned, Nik Berg, obviously doesn't like the Mini Marcos, and makes his feelings plain. In that case why bother to write about it? Save your vitriol for the likes of Ford and Vauxhall! Actually, from a programme that selects as its "Car of the Year" in 1999 one that is absolutely hideous when viewed from any angle inside or out, and then picks and even greater visual disaster in 2000, it comes as no surprise.

Berg completely misses the point about the Mini Marcos, reviewing it as a £14,500 production car not a cheap and cheerful £3,000 kit car. The higher price is what Marcos charged the Japanese for a fully built car with brand new Mini components and air conditioning. He also missed the interesting connection between the Mini Sprint and the Mini Marcos - Rob Walker - and he can't spell Corsley anyway.

Kitcars International, September 1994

Hot Stuff - heated rear window for the Mini Marcos.

Opline (NL) Maart 1995

Erik Wijn tells the story of his Mini Marcos Mk.IV (in Dutch).

Automobil (Sweden), Aug/Sept 1995

Bakvagnen: Mini-invasion i Småland - IMM 1995 at High Chapparal.

British Cars No. 22, Aout/Sept '95

Two articles mention Mini Marcos in this French magazine: the club contingent was photographed at Château d'O on the way to Le Mans and an item on Miniatures includes a model of the 1967 Le Mans car.

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Mini World, June 1996

Featuring Mini Marcoses or Roger Garland, Keith Roase and Dean Robertson, plus Mike Brown’s Mini Jem.

Sunday Times Metro (Johannesburg), 11th August, '96

Me and My Car: A sports Mini that makes boys of men. Alan Duggan talks to André Krige about his pride and joy, South African built Mini Marcos CFM 47558. The caption reads “Handles like a go-kart, goes like a bomb...”.

Kitcars International, August/September 1996

Ad: Great Western Kit and Sports Car Show.

Which Kit?, December 1996

Club Chat - Richard Heseltine picks over the MMOC Magazine.

Mini Magazine, January '97

Mini Kits - Chris Rees's survey of Mini-based kitcars includes Mini Marcos and Mini Jem.

Mini Magazine, March 1997

Letters - one from Richard Porter.

Mini Magazine, April '97

The Flying Custard Tart” - Colin Hedgecock's Mk. 2 Mini Jem, Q296 JTA.

Which Kit?, June 1997

Showtime: Chatham Shines. Richard Porter’s Mini Jem Mk.2.

Kit Car, August 1997

In the Club: What’s a Kingfisher?

Mini Magazine, October '97

Hay Fever - Hay motorkhana event from Australia, including Taylorspeed Jem photo.

Which Kit?, October 1997

Club Chat - MMOC Magazine. Photo of Mark Noonan’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV.

Kit-Car, November 1997

In the Xlub: Kingfishing for Compliments.

Classic & Sportscar, December 1997

Minis out in force at Gaydon.

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Mini Magazine, March 1998

Streamliner: David Pounder’s Mini Marcos Mk.III.

Classic & Sportscar, April 1998

“Buyers Guide - Mini Marcos” - two page feature with photos and artists' impressions. Inset item on Mark Nolan's Mk 1 racer for sale at £8,000. Fact file gives prices, checklist and club information. Also mentions Mini Jem - “infinitely prettier than its Marcos half-brother”. A good article unfortunately spoilt by factual errors.

Auto Passion (France), Avril '98

Rencontre: Claude Ballot-Léna - profile of the driver with a classic photo of the Mini Marcos at Le Mans in '66.

Mini Magazine, June 1998

Slippery Customer - Owen Smith’s Mini Marcos Mk.1.4.

Kit-Car, July 1998

Group Test - Something old, something new, something borrowed.
including Colin Hedgcock's Mk. 2 Mini Jem, Q296 JTA

Which Kit?, July '98

Club Chat - MMOC Magazine and Stoneleigh Photo

Kit Car, July 1998

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed” - eight kit cars compared at Llandow Circuit in Wales, featuring Colin Hedgcock's Mk. 2 Mini Jem, Q296 JTA, aka La Crème Anglaise.

KitCars International, August '98

Glorious Newark - Mini Marcos Club stand well supported.

OldTimer Magazine (NL) August 1998

Historische rally’s: Op Randje van Regelmatigheit.
Also Mini Marcos Euregio Meeting preview.

Mini World, September '98

IMM '98 - Marcos/Jem owners gather round to help.

Mini Magazine, October '98

Mini in the Park - Stunning display of Marcos models.

Mini Marcos Euregio Meeting

A collection of reports on the first International Mini Marcos Euregio Meeting in Brabant, The Netherlands, September 26th - 27th. The next four articles are in Dutch and were published in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Oldtimerkrant Nr. 20, Okt. 22 '98

OldTimer Magazine Nr. 100, December 1998/Januaar 1999

British Cars Magazine, December 1998

Auto Motor Klassiek

Mini Magazine - November 1998

“Alto Ego” - Feature on Geoffrey King's Alto Duo, Q250 GFV.

Which Kit?, December 1998

Club Chat: The endearing appeal of the Mini Marcos...

Mini Magazine, December 1998

News: Mini Marcos Euregio Meeting.

Practical Classics, December 1998

Buyers Datafile: Mini Marcos & Mini Jem.

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Mini World, January 1999

Clubs: Europeans Join Forces - report on Euregio Meeting.

Diecast Collector, February 1999

Club Corner: It's no wind-up - Japan Mini Day with Marcos and Jem.

Mini Magazine, March 1999

News: Mini-Blooper - “Scots Mini Weekend” photo is Mini Marcos line-up at Mini in the Park.

705 Motor Club Bulletin, March 1999

Cover shows a Mini Marcos Mk. IV at Goodwood, but whose?

Classic Car Weekly No. 459, 14th April 1999

Out and About: Minis major on Beatlemania - report on Stoneleigh Mini Show at Easter weekend.

Bristol Evening Post, 10th May 1999

Bristol Mini Day - aerial photo of Mini 40 display.

Which Kit?, August 1999

Kit Cars - The First 50 Years, Part Two - Growing Up: the second part of Malcolm McKay's series featuring “The Mini Men”.

Which Kit?, October 1999

Kit Cars - The First 50 Years: Mini Jem and Mini Marcos.

Kit-Car, November 1999

Problem Page - Auntie Iain's Bloomers.

Classic & Sportscar, November 1999

Allan Brown and his Mini Marcos Mk.IV, No. 8013.

Kit and Specialist Cars International, November 1999

Marque Time (Club News) - Multi-Cultural Marcos.

Gazoline, Decembre 1999

“Une Bombe en kit” - the cover story features Jean-Marc Prat's Mini Jem Mk.II, RT M2 1198. This article is on MiniJem Plus.

Motoring News, December 15, 1999

Obituary - Claude Ballot-Léna.

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Which Kit?, February 2000

Club Chat - Stent picks up the MMOC Winter Mag.

Kit-Car February 2000

In the Club: Emissions Impossible and Jem of a Bargain

Södra Dalarnes Tidning, 10 juni 2000

Silverbröllop - Ian and Margaret Hayward's silver wedding trip to the midnight sun (Swedish with English translation).

Mini Magazine, June 2000

Iain Ayre enthuses over Peter Hanman’s Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM 7257.

Mini World, August 2000

London to Brighton Mini Run, 21 May 2000.

Classic & Sportscar, August 2000

Clubs: Classic Kits Star in Cheshire - report on the Cheshire Kit Car Show.

Mini World, September 2000

Fine Display at IMM 2000; 6007 at Scottish Mini Weekend.

Kit-Car, October 2000

“Quality Finish” - report on the Three Counties Kit Car Show at Malvern, including Alan Jeffery's award-winning Kingfisher Sprint.

Kit-Car, December 2000

CLUBS AND EVENTS with Iain Ayre: Are you too sensible? KC picks up on the club's Arctic Circle Adventure.

Mini Magazine, January 2001

Poster Calendar for 2001, featuring Mk. III Mini Marcos for January.

Classic Motor Monthly, March 2001

Mini Ha-Ha: Peter Cahill concludes a Mini Tribute with a look at Mini specials and fun cars.

Mini World, April 2001

“Stepping Out” - Mini World Action Day 2000. The photo montage includes Allan Brown's Mini Marcos Mk. III.

Mini Magazine, April 2001

Feature on Ian Johnson's Mini Marcos Mk.III, MM 7499.

Mini Magazine, May 2001

“The World's Biggest Mini Only Event” - Mini Mag's ad for Mini In The Park 2001 includes a shot of the club stand in 2000.

This ad is also included in the June and July issues, of which the former has an interesting article on Brian Luff's Status 365 and Minipower.

Which Kit?, August 2001

Club Chat - Mini Marcos Mania. Amy Filby notes the MMOC Magazine coverage of the closure of the Marcos factory in Westbury. Also in this edition are a feature article on Midas and shorter items on ABS Freestyle, Siva and Domino.

Classic Car Mart, November 2001

Hints & Tips - Hot Marcos-Cooper. Neil Davies answers an engine question from Paul Darren. Maarten Krikken's Mini Marcos is pictured.

Which Kit?, December 2001

Club Chat - Mini Marcos Merits. This time Amy picks up our Autumn Magazine and make the most of Miss Kit Car at the Newark Show.

Kit-Car, December 2001

Workshop Q&A with Iain Ayre - Period Pains. The writer answers a question about cracks and tyres, with a picture of Pete Crudgington's Mini Marcos at Stoneleigh.

Classics - December 2001

“Plastic Surgery”: Martyn Jones compares Dave Pounder's Mk. III Mini Marcos with a GTM Coupé.

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Mini World, January 2002

Stepping Out - Miniworld reviews the Mini shows. Photo shows the Mini Marcos line-up at Castle Combe.

Clubland - double stamps in this issue as an unidentified Jem is pictured on a London & Surrey treasure hunt.

Kit-Car, May 2002

Workshop - Q & A: “Rattle and Whine”. Ian Ayre answers a reader's question on beefing up a tired and noisy engine.

Maidenhead Advertiser, October 18, 2002

Richard Porter has a whinge about speed humps.

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Which Kit? - April 2003

Classic Kits - Hamblin Cadet: Martyn Jones tells the story of S.E. Hamblin Limited, one of the pioneers of fibreglass bodied kit cars.

Car (South Africa), May 2003

Motorists' Forum - Calling Mini Marcos Fans. Ian Allbon tries to contact more owners in South Africa.

Mini World, July 2003

Yes July, and it's only mid-May! Roger and Melanie Garland are seen at Aston hall, Birmingham with their Mk. V Mini Marcos.

Which Kit?, October 2003

Club Chat - Spotlight on the Mini Marcos Owners Club.

Classic & Sportscar, November 2003

Goodwood Revival Meeting - Marcos hero Davis.

Which Kit?, December 2003

Club Chat: Mini Marcos Moans - Amy Filby picks up on the originality debate.

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Classic & Sportscar, January 2004

Mini Marcos Group Goes Dutch for 6th Euregio Meeting.

Classics, March 2004

Andrew Charman visits Goodwood hero Rae Davis and his Mini Marcos Mk.III.

Which Kit Car?, June 2004

Club Chat: Messed-up Marcoses - Paul Harcourt's rescue mission.

Mini World, August 2004

Mini Marcoses at Bo'ness, Essen and Brighton.

Which Kit Car?, September 2004

Club Chat: Mini Marcos Charity - Mencap run.

Classics, November 2004

Race Ace Rae gets down the cafe - Rae Davis at the Ace Café London.

Mini Magazine, November 2004

Frank Willard's Mini Marcos at Mini In The Park 45 at Silverstone.

Mini World, November 2004

Report of the Mini 45 Races at Silverstone, which grudgingly acknowledges Ollie Howell's victory in the "Fastest Mini In The World" races with Pete Crudgington's Mini Marcos. They seemed to be a bit upset that a 1380 5-port A-series car had beaten all the Vauxhall-engined, space-framed, twin-engined, supercharged BMW stuff, not to mention Bill Richards's Metro. Not worth the bother of scanning. See also Sport Scene.

Motor Sport, December 2004

15 Minutes of Fame: Mini-Marcos Le Mans 24 Hours, 1966 by Richard Heseltine.

Mini Magazine, December 2004

On Your Marcos: Rae Davis’s Mini Marcos Mk.III.

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Motor Sport, January 2005

Star Letter: Marcos Mantra - Billy Dulles replies to the previous article.

Mini World, January 2005

Ace Café - Mini kit cars at the Italian Job Night.

Which Kit Car? February 2005

Early Days - History: Marcos part one (extract)

Mini World, March 2005

Miniworld Action Day - Pete Crudgington's Mini Marcos at Castle Combe.

The Daily Telegraph, 26th March 2005

“The Comeback Kid” - Paul Chudecki on the relaunch of the Mini Marcos by Marcos Heritage.

Mini World, April 2005

Autosport 2005 - Rae Davis's Mini Marcos at the NEC show.

Which Kit Car? April 2005

Early Days - History: Marcos part two (extract)

Which Kit Car?, May 2005

“Exclusive: Back to the Future” - Martyn Morgan-Jones gets a test drive in the new Mini Marcos Mk.VI demonstrator and produces another seven-page epic extolling its virtues.

Mini Magazine, June 2005

Mini Marcos: National Treasure - history up to Heritage Mk.VI.

Second Coming: Rae Davis’s Mini Marcos at Stoneleigh International Motorsport Show.

Power Struggle, July 2005

Pete Crudgington’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV vs a Raw Striker.

LBMRMini World, August 2005

London to Brighton 15 May 2005 - MiniWorld's photographer catches webmaster's Mini Marcos Mk.IV on the way to the seaside (right).

Kit Car, August 2005

Your Say - MOC display at Brighton for the London-Brighton Classic Car Run, including Mini Jem and Midas.

Mini World, September 2005

Just a spall pic of Pete Crudgington's Granny Smith Racing Mini Marcos at the magazine's Sandown Park show in August.

Return of a Legend Kit Car Magazine, October 2005

”Return of a Legend” - an enthusiastic review by Rob Hawkins which includes driving the Mini Marcos Mk. VI demonstrator and going through the build process, some of which can be done with the shell upside down!

Mini World, November 2005

Speed of Light: Pete Crudgington’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, plus MotorMouth - Rob Hawkins reviews the new Mk.VI Marcos kit.

Kit Car, December 2005

Letters: Bring It Over Here / Return of a Legend?

Mini Magazine, Winter 2005

Italian Job Fundraiser - Sam Smith reports on the Mini Bandits' IJ Night at the Ace Café London.

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Mini Magazine, June 2006

Stoneleigh Mini Show Report.

Which Kit Car?, September 2006

Amy Filby notices a Unipower GT in the Club Mag.

Mini World, October 2006

Kay Drury finds webmaster's Mini Marcos at Bromley Pageant.

Which Kit Car?, October 2006

Marcos Heritage sells three Mk.VI kits to Japan.

Kit Car Magazine, October 2006

Hynesight: the editor recalls the Mini Marcos exploits in the 1966 Le Mans 24 hour race.

Back by Popular Demand Kit Car Magazine, November 2006

Hynesight: A Car For All Reasons.
News: Mini Marcos Makes It To Japan.
”Charm Offensive - small is beautiful .... NOT”
As part of the magazine’s guide to current kit cars, Ian Hyne writes a five page review of the
Marcos Heritage Mk. VI and enthuses about almost everything except its aesthetic appeal!

Mini World, February 2007

Four Mini Marcoses and a Jem among the pictures from Castle Combe.

Which Kit Car?, February 2007

Company Report: Marcos Heritage Spares by Peter Filby. This is a four-page feature with photos of the Heritage Mk.VI and GT, and their bigger sisters.

Mini World, May 2007

I Love Mini: Racing Legend - Andy Seward's Mini Marcos Mk. III.

Mini World, Summer 2007

Howard Plant's Mini Marcos at Stoneleigh.

Complete Kit Car, August 2007

Mighty Work on a Mini Marcos: Kjell Wiklund's 19-year restoration project.

Mini World, September 2007

Mini Marcoses at Gaydon and Gunwharf Quays.

Mini World, October 2007

Richard Porter's Mini Marcos at Minis on the Rec.

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Kit Car Magazine, January 2008

Ian Ayre looks for a Mini Marcos for Classic Le Mans.

Esprit Mini News, Janvier-Février-Mars 2008

Patrimoine Mini: Mk.I and Mk.III Mini Marocses compared.

Classic Cars, March 2008

Beat the Speed Police: six classics compared.

Kit Car Magazine, March 2008

Ian Ayre looks at Marcos Heritage and contemplates a VTEC Mini Marcos.

Mini World, April 2008

Malvern Mini Show 2007: Mini kit cars are there too.

Mini Magazine, June 2008

Techno Classica, Essen and Brooklands Mini Day.

Mini World, July 2008

Brooklands Mini Day: Mini Marcos (ahem!) gives it some up the test hill.

Kit Car Magazine, August 2008

Iain Ayre considers a Marcos for a European tour, and a rather old pic.

Mini Jem Mk.2

Mini Magazine, August 2008

Only a small pic of Richard Porter’s Mini Jem at Beaulieu.

influx 6, September 2008

“The rise and fall of the Mini Marcos, England's most popular backyard motoring beauty.”

Total Kit Car, September/October 2008

The Special Minis - Marcos Heritage Mk. VI.

Mini World, October 2008

Simon Cooke spots the MMOC duo at Bristol Mini Show.

Kit Car Magazine, November 2008

Kit Car Guide - Marcos.

Complete Kitcar, November 2008

Santa's Here: pic of the Mini Marcos stand at Mini In The Park at Santa Pod.

Total Kitcar, November/December 2008

'Happy 50th' Classic Mini part 2 - The Specials and Conversions

Eight page review covering a wide range of kits from the AC Donington to the Whitby Warrior, including Mini Jem and Mini Marcos.

Complete Kitcar, December 2008

This Life: Mini Marcos - another Santa Pod pic.

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Autosport, 5th March 2009

Stefan Wray's D.A.R.T at Goodwood's Dizzy Addicott appreciation.

Mini Magazine, May 2009

50 Years of Marcos - Prescott news release.

Classic & Sportscar, May 2009

Tim Neal's Mini Jem picked as Car of the Show at Trentham Park (NZ).

Complete Kitcar, August 2009

Mini kit cars line up at Newark Show.

Mini Magazine, September 2009

Richard Porter at Gaydon, Marcos Honda in Wisconsin and DART at Goodwood, not to mention a Unipower GT and a Broadspeed GT.

Complete Kitcar, October 2009

Marcos @ 50

Out & About - Marcos 50th Anniversary Weekend
50 Years and Counting - Group test including Andy Roberts’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV.

Mini World, December 2009

Inbox: Hannes van Wyk writes from South Africa.

Total Kitcar, November/December 2009

Happy Birthday Marcos - with Andrew Tyndale's Jem!

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Mini World, January 2010

World of Minis: Shows - Scottish Mini 50 Show - Mini Jem illstrates Marcos 50th.

MM Concept Complete Kitcar, February 2010

Designer Threads - Modernised Mini Marcos

Italo Sciacca sketches out some ideas for a radically updated Mini Marcos.

Mini World, April 2010

World of Minis: Shows - 30 Years of Mini Fun at Fuji Speedway

Echappment Classic Nr.4 (France)

Nicolas Pinon's racing Mini Marcos is featured in this French magazine.

Mini Magazine, Summer 2010

Show Report - National Mini Cooper Day, Beaulieu.

Mini World, September 2010

Iain Ayre: Imelda the Marcos (Mini Marcos 8042)

Vintage Racer (Canada), September 2010

Cover photo by Vic Hemderson showing Bob Polak’s Mini Marcos (7104).

Kit Car, November 2010

“Fresh Ayre - Mini Marcos” - Iain Ayre gets down to building a previously untouched Mini Marcos Mk.IV.

Mini Magazine, November 2010

“Racing Heritage” - Five page feature by Jon Betts on Karsten Gärtner’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV. Excellent photography by Alisdair Cusick.

Mini World, December 2010

Goodwood Revival: Mini derivatives and kit cars mixing it up.

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Mini World, February 2011

Minis & VWs at the Palace: Lee Pashley’s Mk.VI at Blenheim Palace

Mini Magazine, March 2011

Our Minis: Iain Ayre clears a bit of space in Vancouver.

KitCar, April 2011

A-Z Guide: Marcos - November 2008 entry recycled.

Mini Magazine, June 2011

Show Report: Brooklands Mini Day - Andrew Tyndale’s Mini Jem

Mini World, July 2011

Between The Lines: Bob Hart shares his memories with Kay Drury.

Kit Car, July 2011

The Display Cabinet: Stafford Show - Iain Ayre parks the Mk.VI demonstrator on the magazine's stand.

Kit Car, August 2011

The Display Cabinet: Genuine Kitcar Show - Preview of the Stafford show in September including the Mk.VI demonstrator.

Mini World, September 2011

News: Prescott Hillclimb - Mike White on the hill.

Kit Car, September 2011

Fresh Ayre: Hands On Mini Marcos

Complete KitCar, September 2011

Out & About: Le Mans 24-Hour - Frank Morskate’ Mk.III Mini Marcos.

Mini World, October 2011

Our Minis: David Lockhart, 10 Year Rebuild - Fujio Wako's Mini Marcos in Japan.

Mini World, October 2011

“David Lockhart: 10 Year Rebuild” - Two page feature on Fujio Wako's Mini Marcos Mk. IV, DH8026.

Mini World, November 2011

Event: West Midland Mini Show & Oval Challenge - good turn-out from the MMOC.

Mini Magazine, December 2011

Show Report: Mini Meet North at Mosport, Canada - Bob Polak's Mini Marcos.

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British Classics (Germany), Dez./Jan. 1/2012

Des Minis böse Brüder / Die Kleinen Strolche (The little rascals)

Featuring Midas, Mini Marcos and GTM, including Michael Schellenberger’ Mini Marcos Mk.V, 9002.

Complete Kitcar, January 2012

Club Life: Paddle Included

Kit Car, March 2012

Fresh Ayre: Hands On Mini Marcos (continued)

Mini Magazine, April 2012

British Mini Fair: Twin Kam Mini Marcos at Bingley Hall.
Deep Sanderson 301 entered in Le mans Classic.

Mini World, May 2012

Martyn Trowton’s Mini Marcos at Leamington Spa and
a Japanese Mini Marcos in the Hamamatsu Historic Car Parade.

Kit Car, June 2012

Fresh Ayre: Hands On Mini Marcos - fitting the rear hatch window.

Mini Magazine, July 2012

Techno Classica 2012: Dirk Palapys’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV stars.

Classic Car Weekly, 4 July 2012

A Strange Breed - Top 10 Mini Specials

Kit Car, August 2012

Newark Kit Car Show - Chris Clarke’s Mini Marcos Mk.III

Total Kitcar, September/October 2012

Hole Story: Kingfisher Sprint 1980-85 plus Sussex Kitcars profile.

Mini World, October 2012

Event: Minis on the Rec - Richard Porter and Mini Marcos Mk.IV

Classic & Sportscar, December 2012

Jem’s Pocket Rocket - James Elliott drives Mini Marcos 7030.

Mini World, December 2012

Event: West Midland Mini Show & Oval Experience - Richard Porter on the track.

Mini Magazine. January 2013

Matthew Paynes Mini Marcos DH8411 in the Mini Fair 2013 preview.

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Kit Car, January 2013

Jean-François Bardet’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV at Angoulême.

Mini Magazine, February 2013

Jean-François Bardet’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV at Angoulême.

66 Mini MarcosRetro Cars, March 2013

Bet Fair: Jon Cass reviews Peter Skitt’s just restored Mini Marcos Mk.I.

Kit Car, March 2013

Fresh Ayre: Iain fabricates the petrol tank.

Mini World, June 2013

Event: Brooklands Mini Day - Andrew Tyndale and Guy Humphries

Mini Magazine, Summer 2013

Kevin Mitchell’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV at Classics at the Mill.

Mini Magazine, August 2013

Game Changer - Martin Loram's 7-port Mini Marcos

Classic & Sportscar, November 2013

Top Ten Mini Makeovers - Mini Marcos is no.1 (of course).

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Mini World, January 2014

Cake Corner - Tony Fysh’s Jem-shaped 60th birthday cake.

Autocar, 5th February 2014

Mini’s Greatest Hits - Mini Marcos.

Mini Magazine, April 2014

Against All Odds: Jean-Claude Hrubon (Le Mans 1966)

Complete Kitcar, July 2014

The story behind ... Marcos (1955 to 1972)

Mini Magazine, August 2014

Mini Scene: Le Mans Classic 2014 - two Mini Marcoses and a Deep Sanderson 391.

AutoRétro No.389 September 2014

Le Mans Classic en Mini Marcoos GT: La légende en direct live! (Français)

Kitcar, November 2014

Show Report: Mini World Action Day at Castle Combe.

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Mini Magazine, January 2015

Elite of the Illegitimates: Mini Marcos and Ogle SX1000.

Mini Magazine, February 2015

Auto Retro Show Barcelona: Ivan Classics Mini Marcos, plus a bonus Jem.

Mini Magazine, May 2015

Jem Marsh Passes Away.

The Times, 26th April 2015

Register: Jem Marsh - Obituary

Mini World, Summer 2015

Event: Japan Mini Day

Mini Magazine, Summer 2015

Show Report: International Mini Meeting

Mini Magazine, August 2015

Show Report: Mod'n'Minis Gathering at Teignmouth
Auction Round-up: Anglia Car Auctions.

Classic Car Weekly, 12 August 2015

It’s Garden Party Time: Classics on the Green, Croxley Green.

Mini Magazine, September 2015

News: Shelsley Walsh Classic Hillclimb.

Event Report: Saint Goueno Masters Hillclimb.

Mini Magazine, November 2015

Event Reports: Minis by the Sea, Worthing and Mini Action Day, Castle Combe.

Mini Magazine, December 2015

News: Castle Combe Autumn Classic.

Complete Kitcar, December 2015

Comment: Outside View - Richard Heseltine marks the Mini Marcos’s 50th anniversary.

Out and About: Spa Six Hours - Mini Marcos Mk.III at Francorchamps.

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Kitcar, March 2016

News: Kit Cars in the South West

Complete Kitcar, April 2016

The Story Behind: Mini Marcos & Mini Jem by Richard Heseltine

Between the Lines: What makes a classic kit?

Kitcar, April 2016

Mini Marcos: Part One by Iain Ayre

Kitcar, May 2016

Mini Marcos: Part Two by Iain Ayre

Kitcar, June 2016

Mini Marcos: Part Three by Iain Ayre

Kitcar, July 2016

Mini Marcos: Part Four by Iain Ayre

Kitcar, August 2016

Mini Marcos: Part Five by Iain Ayre

Kitcar, September 2016

Mini Marcos: Part Six by Iain Ayre

Complete KitCar September 2016

Out & About: 24-Hour Classics - Mini Marcos at Le Mans Classic

Kitcar, October 2016

Mini Marcos: Part Seven by Iain Ayre

Complete Kitcar, October 2016

Out & About: Motor Sport at Crystal Palace

Kitcar, November 2016

Mini Marcos: Part Eight by Iain Ayre

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Kitcar, January 2017

Cody Tree’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV at the NEC Classic Car Show

Mini Magazine, February 2017

News: Le Mans Mini Marcos Found.

Kitcar, March 2017

Mini Marcos: more ramblings by Iain Ayre

Classic & Sportscar, March 2017

Stolen Racer Finally Recovered.

Mini Magazine, March 2017

Event Report: Autosport International with Cody Tree’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV.

Mini Scene: Jean-Claude Hrubon Passes Away by Jeroen Booij

Mini Magazine, April 2017

Our Minis: Road and Track - Iain Ayre reprieves Pimple.

Mini Magazine, May 2017

Event Report: London Classic Car Show with Cody Tree’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV.

Complete Kitcar, May 2017

Workshop: Reader’ Build - Cody Tree’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV.

Mini Magazine, Summerer 2017

Our Minis: Jeroen Booij lookd for identification marks on the Le Mans Mini Marcos.

Mini Magazine, Summerer 2017

Our Minis: Jeroen Booij takes the Le Mans Mini Marcos to Blyton Park.

Mini Magazine, November 2017

Our Minis: Jeroen Booij finds out more about the Le Mans Mini Marcos.

Complete Kitcar, December 2017

Mini Jems at Kop Hill Climb and Montlhèry.

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Mini World, January 2018

Road Trip: Road to Le Mans Classic.

Mini Magazine, Summer 2018

Our Minis: Change of Plan - Jeroen has a rethink.

Mini World, October 2018

Mini Magic: John Hackett’s Mini Marcos Mk.III at Tynagh, Co. Galway, 15th July 2018.

Maidenhead Advertiser, 11th October 2018

”Gleaming bonnets and buffed bikes line up at vintage show”

Total Kit Car, November/December 2018

Industry Greats: Jem Marsh and Marcos Cars.

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Mini Magazine, January 2019

Our Minis: Jeroen Booij works on the floor of the Le Mans Mini Marcos.

Complete Kitcar, April 2019

Mini Kits at 60: Peter Skitt’s Mini Marcos Mk. I.

Mini Magazine, April 2019

Our Minis: Jeroen Booij prepares the shell of the Le Mans Mini Marcos for painting.

Complete Kitcar, Stoneleigh 2019

Rich Pickings at Retromobile: Mini Marcos in the Mini 60 display.

Race Retro at Stoneleigh: TransXL Mini Marcos goes for a song.

Mini Magazine, May 2019

Event Report: TransXL Mini Marcos under the hammer at Race Retro 2019

Mini Magazine, June 2019

Our Minis: Jeroen Booij goes to Paris; Event Report: Jems at Brooklands Mini Day.

Mini Magazine, July 2019

Our Minis: Tim Harber’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV off to a new life; Still Waiting - Jeroen Booij watches paint dry.

Complete Kitcar, October 2019

Mini Round-up: including Peter Skitt’s Mini Marcos Mk. I.

Mini Magazine, November 2019

Our Minis: More delays - Jeroen finds a few more snags.

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Mini World, February 2020

Tim Neal’s Mini Jem at the New Zealand Mini Nationals, October 2019.

Mini Magazine, February 2020

Our Minis: The Big Picture - Hollywood recreates the Marcos&rsdquo;s greatest moment.

New Zealand Mini Nationals - Tim Neal’s Mini Jem at Tauranga

TKC, September/October 2020

Archive Extra: Steve Hole traces the history of the Kingfisher Sprint

Classic & Sportscar, November 2020

Untouched Mini Marcos: Barry Tilbury’s Mini Marcos Mk. IV project.

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Mini Magazine, November 2021

Race Report - Battle of the Giants: Brands Hatch Mini Festival 21/22 August 2021

Sam Polley in the Fastest Mini in the World race.

TKC, November/December 2021

The Future was Bright - the story of the Jem Futura

Without our past... - Jem Marsh, Noel Edmonds and Robin Statham

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Complete Kit Cat, January 2022

Minikits Wins Big at NEC Classis Car Show.

Mini Magazine, January 2022

Show Report: Brooklands Mini Day - Richard Porter on the Test Hill

Classic and Sportscar, January 2023

Children of the Revolution - Mini Jem, Unipower GT, Ogle SX1000, Deep Sanderson 301.

Complete Kitcar, March 2022

Classics are on the rise - Peter Skitt’s Mini Marcos Mk. I

Mini Magazine, Summer 2022

Show Report: Special Editions: Mini Marcos GT Mk4

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